The Ansell, Birks and Sadgrove Story

Continuing the series my 'Logos, life and loves' the early years

We were young ,handsome it was 1968. Me Ronnie Birks, met Ken Ansell and Adrian Sadgrove at the West Sussex College of Art and Design Worthing.

We weren't naughty, but perhaps a bit....oh sod it we were naughty, in fact we were diabolical; Talented, yes but not your exemplary students, at least that's what were told..Settle down here's the saga.

The intrepid three were on the verge of being expelled, I think for unprofessionalism. During the assessment grilling I said, “Well we are on the verge of setting up a company,” a lie which I immediately had to relate to Ken and Ade who were next in line for the chop. This ‘notion’ did give us a stay of execution. The result was Ansell, Birks and Sadgrove, who produced Commercial work including the ‘Wild Woodbine Pack’ and various other commissions. It did teach us many skills, purchasing, research, costings and so on. We did all get ‘merits’ on graduation, and this ‘commercial experience avenue’ was, I believe, adopted into the curriculum. Both Ken and Ade, in later years, lectured there too. Our composite Portfolio, helped me Get My First Job at J.W.T, Adrian was a founder Designer with EMI, and Ken found a position with the SIA’s assessor’s son in the Music Industry. The ‘firm’ took on on several guises over the years ultimately trading successfully as Ansell Sadgrove. Ken continued the success with Blue Chip clients including The Virgin Group and now heads up the highly successful Clinic. Ade sadly passed away in recent years, Me? I’m I've joined the Survive France Network TBC