The Answer to France's Debt Problems?

Eiffel Tower worth £344 billion to French economy - or six Towers of London

The Eiffel Tower has been declared the most valuable monument in Europe - worth 435 billion euros (£343 billion) to the French economy, a new study claims.

So that’s what we need to do to solve our Debt Problems - Sell it!

Now - anyone know a buyer with 344 billion in their back-pocket?

But really - does it really generate THAT much revenue to warrant such a value?

Then somebody privatise the Eiffel Tower, the cotisations should keep a large part of the economy afloat ;-D

The problem is that the tax system does its upmost to stop anyone starting an enterprise. Whether one makes a profit or not, or even a small profit, you still have to pay cotisations plus anything else they decide! When taxes are based on income rather than what they think your income could be, people will be happier to set up a business:

Ah, but it doesn't have a ballroom!!

Correct ;-D

Brighton Rock...

Photos taken at southend beach

hot-dogs in Piccadilly

A day out at Blackpool.


@ Nick - tat always sells :(

Beauty David....seems to be in the eye of the beholder and always assisted by the


Heard that figure also about the value of the Eiffle tower.

I have also heard the one about the guy who sells those awful miniature towers on keyrings to tourists. He's the guy who has the little cabin beside the tower and who is open 365 days of the year. He averages 250 towers a day at €2 a pop. The maths is pretty straight forward.

They cost him about 25 centimes a piece. Nice work if you can get it.

Gustave Eiffel was convicted but acquiteed on appeal, of falsifying quotes, etc for the first shot at a Panama Canal. He paid quite a big fine nonetheless. In other words, a dodgy dealer whose tower ought to be passed into the hands of Barbara' scrap dealer from Dagenham who moved to Loughton.

I believe it to be described as "iconic" though the saint of whom it is representative is unknown to me. I have always found it a structure of singular ugliness. It is said that Guy de Maupassant lunched in the restaurant of the Tour every day as it was the only place in Paris from which the Tour could not be seen. Ding it doon.

Was it the dealer from Dagenham East who recently moved to Loughton because

metal does not rust so much?

I knows this 'ere scrap metal bloke wot'll 'ave it off 'em. Dunno abaht 344 squillion quid though, but reckon 'e'll see the geezers a'right. Know what I mean?

Yes David the French are usually skilled within their trade and I respect that.

But I feel that there are not enough of them who get up and start a buisness.

If there were more people creating new buisness France would find her feet.

There is still money around to be spent.

So many people here in my region who have created an enterprise are either doing well

or managing.

It must be possible to make things happen ...I am surviving here in France.

Funny Barbara I don't find the French particularly unenterprising. It's a pleasure to remark that in France unlike the UK most entrepreneurs are actually qualified in the trade which they ply.

Yes I mentioned this the other day...sommewhere here..

but does it matter what it generates in revenue really.

What needs to happen in France is for the sleepy people to sleep

just a little less and become a fraction enterprising.

Not asking or wanting change just a metaphorical sign of life.