The application of Rules and regulations will change after Brexit

I am of the opinion that many rules and regulations have not been applied to British or EU citizens as we have all been part of the family.
This may have been due to lack of money, for example the British or French authorities not monitoring British/EU citizens arrival in Britain/FRANCE or knowing what they are doing and where they are after three months.
I would also include EHIC and driving licences.
After Brexit these and many others that I can not think of will be applied with great care for the details.
The introduction of the ETIAS will track people as never before.
I suspect we are all going to be surprised.

I have no idea what ETIAS is but let’s hope they will start noticing the hundreds of UK expats living here full time that can’t be bothered to get their cars on French plates. The resulting need for a proper C.T. will help to get a lot of the knackered old 4x4s onto the scrap heap where they belong.

Brexit itself will sort out a lot of those problems.

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Basically visa application pre-vetting:

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Which is perhaps a small positive for Brexit? And add that to VAT free female sanitary products and it must be worth it?

This is a full run down of ETIAS that I prepared earlier


New update 5th September 2018

Before boarding, air carriers and sea carriers will need to check whether third country nationals subject to the travel authorisation requirement are in possession of a valid travel authorisation. From three years after the entry into operations of ETIAS this obligation will also apply to international carriers transporting groups overland by coach.

The travel authorisation will not provide an automatic right of entry or stay; it is the border guard who will take the final decision. A travel authorisation will be valid for three years or until the end of validity of the travel document registered during application, whichever comes first.

Updated 5th July 2018

“On July 5th, the European Parliament has given its final agreement to implement the European Travel Information and Authorisation System, ETIAS. European authorities have decided to establish the electronic visa waiver system in the year 2021 to improve security across the Schengen Area.”

ETIAS similar to the USA ESTA is due to be introduced now in 2021. It is suggested that it will cost €7, last for three (possibly 5) years and can be used for multiple trips. Those with a criminal record may be rejected, what the definition of a criminal record is unclear. In addition those who overstay may be banned from returning. At present it should be assumed that overstaying will carry simmilar punishments as in the USA ie refused re-entry.

British Citizens would not have needed an ETIAS to visit the Schengen zone if Britain had stayed in the EU.


This happened on 25th April 2018

By the time ETIAS is introduced I imagine the British Home Office will have its own system up and running monitoring/registering EU citizens (and non EU?) entering Britain.

This blog has a very comprehensive analysis of ETIAS. Do remember it is dated 26th April 2018 so is up to date at that time.