The Apprentice - vide grenier style

When the rain eventually stopped, we ventured forth, found another

vide-grenier and unloaded a whole load of utter crap on unsuspecting

French punters. We managed to clear 230€ which was no mean feat, as the

average selling price was 1€. It was also pretty impressive when

compared to the people who had a stall to our left (total for the day

8€) and the people to our right (total for the day - no euros). I

suspect this was due to our aggressive pricing and Anglo Saxon sales

tactics. After all, we Brits do know about ‘le marketing’…


French are very reluctant to ask for prices at car boot sales. I

suspect this is because things are generally so over priced that it is

hard to keep you face straight. Typical prices included a child’s bike -

new list price 85€ - being sold second hand, complete with damaged

paintwork for the bargain price of 70€. Guarantee not included.


especially liked the revolting fold away sofa bed. This was in a state

such that the dogs would have wrinkled their noses if invited to sleep

on it. Yours for only 250€.

Our problem is that our prices are so

low, the French are suspicious. So we go for a sell, sell, sell

approach. I’d borrowed a couple of extra kids for the day itself. This

meant my sales team was eight strong. I parked the WC (complete with

cistern) that we were selling, in front of the stall, sat one child on

it and got them to hold the ‘Everything Must go’ placard. Another couple

were stationed at either end of the stall with more placards and the

rest were told to create a buzz around the stall and accost any passing

trade. When they slacked off, I got all Alan Sugar like on them and

reminded them 'they were here to sell!'

It was funny watching

the neighbouring stall holders. During the course of the day, their

expressions went from shocked to amused to quietly impressed. I was

quite impressed with the kids too. I think car boot sales and the like

are a great way for kids to learn about just how hard it is to earn

money. And about how important it is to re-use and recycle stuff.

They were probably expecting you to charge the Leroy Merlin list price!!

We’ve done really well before now and once made 1200 € which was a really good days work but we had some big items to sell whereas this time it was battered tennis rackets and the like… cx

Well done - I’m impressed! Did you sell the w.c.? We took 3 to sell at our v.g. and didn’t manage to shift one, just got funny looks from the locals - like “Oh they must be English to sell their loos”!! Maybe I could rent your kids next time to drum up some business - do you rent them out?! K x