The B’n’b business - thinking outside the box

I am guessing that we have more or less got it right.

We have being doing it for some four years , have a simple website and geographically

speaking we seem to be well placed for the north/ south and east /west travellers, two hours south

of Paris, etc.

But there is always someone else who knows something more…

We have learned not to talk politics or rubbish someones idea of a balanced diet ( something experienced from a visit to a Brit establishment south of here). We are on our local tourist office website ( good), have signed up with airbnb ( brilliant), ( OK), Tripadvisor ( ditto), Clévacances ( dysfunctional ) and are disentangling ourselves from Smartbox ( ripoff merchants)

We are cheerful about how things seem to be going however…

Anybody have a great / left field idea not included in the above?

In the interim - have an edgy Xmas e.card…

' Angels in Syria'

A good festive season and an excellent 2014 to the SFN tribe.

John, Martine, couple of cats, monster in the woodpile, etc

I think I might have added a space by accident on the end, the link is below.

The classement in your case is a CdH, it does not matter how many rooms or guests you can take. This is all about you being officially classed as CdH primarily for tax purposes. The classement is for five years and as I said is quite different from getting a 'key' or 'epi' from Clevacances or GdF. You still have to register with the mayor of course. It is not a choice, you have to do it, I have checked with my regional Tax office.

It is what the hotel owners union has lobbied the government for because they see CdH as a great threat to their livelihood because number of people staying in hotels during the holiday season has dropped significantly. It is much easier for them to blame somebody else rather than update their old decrepit hotels. One only has to look on Tripadvisor at some of them to understand why they are losing trade to CdH's. There has been a lot in the French press on this over the last six months or so.

There is more info on LegiFrance if you go looking for it as I have lost my link for some reason.

Understand Catherine- but as you say, have discovered it is not working. Panic!

Thanks for that, Al - noticed something strange had happened to the website link just after I had made the post.

Just upgraded our iMac to Mavericks and wonder if it had something to do with that - sending out panic emails to those in the know as I type.

Speaking of which, can't get the classement.atout-France link to work... and looking at the etoiles-de-france info I do not think we are upto that income level ( we can sleep 8 people max in 2/3 rooms)

Cheers, John

I've removed the non working link as it contravenes our strict 'no commercial self-promotion' policy.

Firstly the website link does not work, just opens loads of tabs in IE and Firefox for games.

You are probably aware of the massive tax changes in France for CdH and Gite owners starting 1st Jan 2014 and Clevacances and GdF are the two organisations curently that can give you a classment (quite different from getting one of their labels).

The two links below gives you all the information you need. Without a 'Classement de Meublés' you will loose all your tax rebates that many currently enjoy (71%). These apply to Gites and CdH as far as I am aware.