The Balkany's

Patrick Balkany and his wife have been tried and convicted in the Courts for serious financial crimes. He was the Maire and she was an adjoint of a large town near Paris. They were both sentenced to imprisonment, a hefty fine and barred from public office for 10 years.

They was last Autumn. She attempted suicide at the time and was judged so ill she could not be incarcerated. She took over her husband’s mayoral duties as he was incarcerated for 3 years.

Yesterday he was judged to be suffering from depression and had become suicidal the Court of Appeal released him from prison.

What is it about French Justice that doesn’t inspire confidence.?

Sounds a bit like some fancy lawyers found some helpful doctors, and no doubt a lot of money changed hands in respect of legal and expert witness fees. I wonder how Madame B managed to take over the mayoral duties if they had both been banned from holding public office.
Seems like rum do on the face of it.

A bit like Ernest Saunders, one of the Guiness four. He was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment, but released after 10 months as he was believed to be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease which is incurable. He subsequently made a full recovery.

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“Faites entrée l’accusé” on France 2 is well worth watching. It gives a very good insight into French justice including interviews with advocates, police and others showing how a crime was investigated and tried with outcomes which mostly do inspire confidence.

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What a pair of revolting playacting crooks. They have Levallois Perret well and truly stitched up.

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Yes, quite remarkable and I simply cannot understand why he isn’t cooperating with researchers or a lab seeing he is the first and only documented person to recover from Alzheimers… disgusting old crook.


He was Maire/Deputé when I lived in Levallois Perret 1988/91. Not that I had much to do with him; but he could be seen going around town in a small motorcade, in a vehicle, unusually for France, with personalised number plates and occasionally police outriders. Clear even then there was dodgy business going on.

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