The Bank of Mum and Dad.. do you have an Account?

Are you hoping to help the kids… perhaps you already have… or perhaps you are a Kid hoping to make a withdrawal… . :relaxed:

We have four alleged adult children, three of whom are crap with money so we will lend not give otherwise we would either be bankrupt or living on the streets. From a young age they have known that we will always be there to help but a lump sum to buy a house is not going to happen unless we come into a fortune.

Are we mean?

We’ve closed it… When my mother died recently she left her house to me and my siblings. We all have houses so decided to pass it straight on to the next generation. Right now they get a small amount of income from renting it, and then when they are ready they can sell it and do what they wish. So now I consider bank of mum and dad duty done…maybe we’ll regret it in years to come when struggling to stretch our pensions to cover the inflated cost of baked beans. But that’s the future, and today’s for living the best we can.

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I don’t have children but do have a nephew and niece and a couple of god children. My thoughts a few years back were to leave some of my wealth (if you can call it that) and leave the rest to my husband. Having watched them the last few years and talked to them I have concluded none of them deserve it and it will go to my husband who will hopefully do some good with it (considering my views too hopefully). They are all spoilt and have far more than i ever had at their age.

None of you are being mean with your children, they need to learn the value of things and appreciate any help (if at all) they get from you :slight_smile:

Oh yes. But there haven’t been any withdrawals for a while now. However, grandson goes to university in the UK later this year so like every good former scout I am prepared!