The beginning of the end

I'm a very positive, energetic, creative, and happy person. But I really believe the current world financial fiasco marks the end of this particular spell of human 'civilisation' and I'm preparing for a return to a very basic, (it needn't be miserable!) and relatively primitive lifestyle. I'm interested in linking now with others of the same persuasion. This is a 1hr 20min video that parallels how I feel. If you are interested or even want to tell me how wrong I am, please take the time to watch it. I'd like some serious responses so I can reflect on others' good sense.

I'm actually at a loss for words at the moment - very uncharacteristic for me. When the video started, I thought 'boring, a load of political mumbo jumbo' but then about 45 mins in I found it really quite compelling. His impassioned speech about how could he simply walk away and do nothing, quickly followed by the closing statements saying he had done just that, left me confused.

However, I believe in the basic truth of what he said. I believe we (as a planet) are too reliant on oil, the financial institutions have lost control and that there could easily be a swift downward spiral over the next X decades. The oil reserves cannot be replaced and efforts to implement renewable energy sources have fallen far short of what will be required for basic needs, including infrastructure. I worry about the future for my young son and his children. Yes, I can grow vegetables and hope the community would pull together in a crisis but, unless a huge percentage of the world's population turn back to the land to become more self-reliant, the outcome of the downward spiral would be devastating to millions. We would need the 100th monkey.

Thanks for sharing this video. It very much mirrors how I feel inside. I'm not sure how to make changes personally but the fact that I am in process of 'retiring' to France to grow my own food and to try and live a more sustainable life, is a beginning. This is something I am doing quietly and mainly for myself - to live more in harmony with my own thoughts and beliefs and to try and exist more spiritually. If it turns out to be part of a collective movement, driven unconscously, then that's fine (ref Jungian collective unconscious) - I won't be alone :-)