The bells, the bells

Before I show my ignorance to the whole Commune , which is the correct label for my new bell push: sonnez svp or sonner svp? Or is it poussez?

What sort of commune do you live in if the inhabitants don’t know how to use a doorbell?

:joy: :joy: :joy:

Generally, it’s the infinitive.


This is the current arrangement (which I prefer, but it’s a long story.)

If it’s an instruction, why isn’t it in the imperative?

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I think I can detect the pain in that “long story”! It’s a lovely bell, anyway.

But as for the “why” - I dunno, and I think shop doors (where they have anything) say poussez or tirez - maybe the infinitive is considered politer?

You can use the imperative or the infinitive - both are considered ok but the infinitive is slightly less aggressive as it isn’t personally directed. Mind you we can even do an imperative without a verb in it at all, eg “ta gueule!” Isn’t language wonderful :grinning:


But that doesn’t get the bell rung. :rofl:

A neighbour of mine has the message by his door bell
"Sonnerie ne marche pas. Criez “Ding Dong”


Or maybe that should be Crier…:rofl::rofl:

She has just had a refurb


That is brilliant!

I wonder if I could find a bell with a rabbit on - we have only the 7 bunnies in the house/garden!

Sitôt dit sitôt trouvé !


Imperative - Criez

I rigged up a bell with a long piece of rope attached which went through a hole in the wooden veranda surround. Made redundant by the construction of a pvc one. :slightly_frowning_face:

Wasn’t a PVC bell a bit quiet?:grin:

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Don’t know, haven’t tried one. :roll_eyes:

Sonnez svp.

That reminds me of one notice I used to see a lot (can’t remember where):

Sonnez fort, mais seulement une fois!

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