The Benefits of Vaccination

Kirstea I always read your posts with interest as you spoke earlier of JWs (not only them of course) correct me if I’m wrong…

A far off friend of a friend who is JW and I hasten to add a real gentle soul who is really struggling at the minute and praying that she gets taken now before the “apocalypse”…my daughter and I are doing our best to console her and saying that EVERY ONE of us is essential

Anyone remember Robert Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne and Chappaquiddick

Getting back on track:

As far as I can see… the benefit of anti-covid vaccination is… if you survive the actual vaccination itself, you will have the best chance of living longer than if you don’t get the vaccine.


I guess we will never agree on “anti vax” being labelled as a cult as the most vocal anti Vax today (and historically) were once the most pro vax…and this will continue once more whilst covid 19 vaccine injuries and death are not acknowledged and taken seriously…

We have a situation at present where scientists doctors and molecular biologists and epidemiologists etc are talking to an empty room and political commentators are providing medical advice

Yes and I think Stella for the elderly and more vulnerable amongst us there is a case to be made and I am not for one moment trying to dissuade anyone from taking a vaccine (my mum has received 2 shots of Oxford AstraZeneca (what happened after is a long story and I am grateful to Paul who is no longer here for supporting me through some very dark days and helping me make sense of that period) but for children and youth the case is less clear cut and indeed risks are accumulating that appear to outweigh the benefits…

As I have said… if one (of any age) survives the vaccine they have the chance of a longer life than if they (anyone) had not had the vaccine.

That is surely the Benefit.

We don’t need to agree or disagree on whether it is a cult, we just need to see what experts in the field say, what they feel using their skills and experience. People like Dr Janja Lalich, Steven Hassan, Dr Alex Stein, people who have spent their entire careers in the area of what is a cult and what isn’t and have led and defined the whole area. No one in a cult thinks they’re in a cult, that’s kind of how they work, it’s only when they’re out that it dawns on them that they were part of a controlling damaging ideology. But this is very off topic, although so are 90% of the posts as I keep saying :joy:

That was Teddy Kennedy wasn’t it?

In an ideal world you would think so…

And for more elderly populations (not suggesting you are elderly…!) including my mum and my aunties and uncles it makes sense…

It appears to be and always has been more deadly to the older cohort with 1 or more co morbidities…

It has never been a threat to children…and a study of 10 million Chinese showed there was no asymptomatic spread…

it remains under Emergency use authorisation only and therefore cannot be mandated…maybe this will change…until it does it cannot be made mandatory…

Yes. And some people are more inclined to believe in crystals and superstition and general woo stuff rather than science.
I think people who wish to be vaccinated should be, people who don’t shouldn’t, and then everyone should be exposed to covid and left to get on with it at home. We are all going to die anyway at some stage so what does it matter.

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It is not only the elderly or infirm are the only ones at risk.

46 years old… is not elderly… and the lady was not infirm, she was in good health and working.

Sadly, got infected by a plonker who went to a “friendly gathering” despite “feeling under the weather”…

This happened in my commune earlier this year. Her family are still in shock.

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Stella my heart goes out to every one affected vaccinated or not vaccinated…vaccinated and infected or not vaccinated and naturally immune…and a whole host of variables including those suffering life changing severe side effects who weren’t given informed consent…

We are all working through a tragedy not of our making and I feel we should all maintain love and compassion foremost in our hearts…

Yes no mandatory vaccines and everyone given the rights to informed consent…the Nuremberg code and Helsinki accords guarantee those rights…

Yes agreed we’re all going to die…I’m going to die with my boots on knowing that whilst I was here I did everything I could to protect my own kids and grandkids and future generations of all the worlds children

I hope for your sake you are right, the longer this goes on the more mutations take place and threaten the vaccinated to.


I haven’t seen any scientific papers or peer reviewed reports that suggest the naturally immune unvaccinated are driving the immune escape variants…I’ve only seen reports that show the unvaccinated naturally immune are most protected by virtue of having been exposed to the whole virus and not just bits of it…

Do you have any literature to the contrary…???


It is widely accepted that all viruses mutate, the longer they are around the greater the chance of a mutation. Yes those with the natural immunity will live it out just as the odd person survived ebola, the rest died.

For sure the scientific world are learning a heck of a lot about viruses they didnt know before.

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Ahem yes, @vero ! Thank you for the correction.

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To return to the original title of the thread, I am happy to say myself, my wife and my daughter are reaping “The Benefits of Vaccination”. We are all two doses of Pfizer in and very happy to be able to travel freely, eat out, carry on with extracurricular activities, etc. Most importantly though, I’m happy we’re not part of the noisy minority breeding the next generation of variants. Not for nothing did Castex note that only 4% of the rapidly accelerating French 4th wave victims are vaccinated.

Big hug to those who can’t be vaccinated for medical reasons. That must be tough!

Big “get in the sea” to the idiots who still think they should have the “liberty” to mess things up for the rest of society.

My freedom to swing my arm ends where the other fellow’s nose begins.
Arthur Garfield Hays, 1939 (and others earlier)

Anti-vaxxers, my nose is on the end of your swing for “liberty”.


Hi Helen, thanks for posting it. Yes, a very good example of complete incompetence and not following science e.g. rolling out a national vaccine before knowing how deadly it was (or wasn’t, in this case), and giving out untested vaccines to millions of people - ludicrous!

However, I don’t think anyone can compare the 1976 US swine flu vaccine rollout with covid-19, when covid-19 was killing 1,000 people a day in the UK,and 2,400 people a day in the US at one point. Also, this time all the vaccine makers have published their trials.

It gets tricky with compensation for injury. For example, this case seems, at first look, to be genuine, but the US Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke state that around 2 in every 100,000 people in the US get Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS), so it may be difficult to know which are caused by the vaccine and deserve compensation versus which cases aren’t.

I think the lesson here is that it wasn’t a conspiracy - it was plain stupidity (and possibly just for one person to advance his career).
Moreover, it was discovered and reported by the ‘mainstream’ media.

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They were not untested, why do you think the EU took such a long time before making the decision?
Testing took time and was carried out around the world.