The Benefits of Vaccination

PMSL, nope not brainwashed I just don’t stick my head in the sand and my arse in the air mumbling about all the conspiracy theories :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, what next all those millions of folks are dying of the virus just to spite you all, it’s the computer chips in the vaccines that are causing the clots and killing folks :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

check with your doctor

if 3 days of headache within 2 weeks of previous vaccine seems to be the “check with doctor” wary period.

So sounds like prob not a problem but check anyway. A lot of headaches are actually caused by dehydration btw and past week has been warmer.

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Is this a parody account?

Yes we are absolutely all brainwashed and you, Bob, being the superhuman super genius that you are, have resisted. Well done.

“I’ve only ever known three people involved in car crashes and they weren’t hurt at all. Therefore car crashes are not dangerous.”

Yes. The more the virus is allowed to spread in people with low levels of antibodies - regardless of whether or not those people have severe symptoms - the more the virus will mutate into different variants, one or more of which might actually affect you more seriously. This is pretty basic stuff and is well known. Having the jab protects others and may also protect you - you big ole’ superhuman, you! - too.

I don’t understand a word of this.

No, just much more likely to be carrying the virus than someone who has been jabbed or who has already had the virus (ie. has high levels of antibodies). If you’re carrying it then you put people around you at risk. It’s quite simple really. That’s why they make you take the tests :wink:

I guess you’re referring to ‘vaccine shedding’ here, which is a completely unfounded internet conspiracy theory. Or perhaps I’m wrong and you can explain in more detail, Bob.

You are indeed free to choose to not be vaccinated. Which totally contradicts your following statement about Nazism…

It’s not, in any sense of the term, an ‘experiment’ though.

“PCR test epidemic”. Read your own statements back to yourself, Bob, and you might just realise how silly they sound.

As stated above, viruses mutate when allowed to spread. So to answer you question: yes, if the pace of vaccination doesn’t keep up the pace of the spread.

Actually it’s about 17,000 deaths in the UK, and this number is kept down significantly by the annual availability of, you guessed it, flu vaccines!

“The Nazis were not that mental”. Again, Bob, read your statements back to yourself. And while you’re at it have a bit of respect for the hundreds of thousands of victims of Nazism and the British and other troops who died fighting against it.

Bob, you need to spend less time on Facebook on YouTube. You’re a victim of a massive fraud that has manipulated you into believing easily disprovable lies and then making a fool of yourself by posting complete nonsense on a public forum.

You won’t immediately realise that you’ve been had, but you will eventually.

Put your laptop away, you’ll feel better for it, I promise. Spend more time with your friends and family instead. They’re probably quite worried about you.

All the best.


Bob is trying to extend his simile of the vaccine being like a pair of safety boots to suggest that if the dangerous building materials were attached to his feet then donning boots would protect others. I’m not sure safety boots work like that but I can sort of see what he’s getting at.

But, Bob, what Tom says is true. Just because your three mates had mild symptoms does not mean everyone does and there are millions of dead people across the world who cannot tell you themselves how much they suffered before Covid killed them.

Vaccination protects you, and those around you. It’s not too hard to understand.

Also, Bob, slow down and take a breath when typing and - I don’t want you to take this the wrong way and it’s tiresome but people listen more when the spelling, grammar and flow of the sentences don’t get in the way of your argument. I’m not perfect myself and try not to correct others but I had a very hard time trying to see the points that you are trying to make, as did Tom by the look of it.


@tc123 Can I like this twice?

No. But I’ve liked it again on your behalf :wink:

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You obviously didn’t realise that Vero’s post was sarcastic and in response to someone else. I have flagged your post as wishing death on anyone is completely unacceptable. @cat

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As @IzzyM says, you have completely missed the point. Suggest you delete your post


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Linda, no one is saying that being indifferent to the many Covid deaths is OK.

Vero was responding, sarcastically, to an earlier post trying to demonstrate that post was unacceptable because paraphrased/summarised it looked like it boiled down to that sentiment.

It is often hard to get nuance across in internet posts and sarcasm can easily be misread, especially if it is a subject which touches a nerve personally.


Sorry to hear about the loss of your parents, but I’m afraid you have totally got the wrong end of the stick with regards to Vero’s post Linda.


Love it - thanks Helen.

@LMJ77 very sorry to hear of your loss, with your 2 blows so recent it’s very understandable that someone’s wry comment (meaning exactly the opposite) would have touched the spot that’s so raw for you. As you’ve seen people here are nice although there’s lots of lively debate. Wish you all the best


And Godwin’s Law is proved yet again.

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Condolences, I’m sorry for your loss, Linda. My comment was intended to underline the awfulness of a comment further up which said the same thing but tarted up so it wasn’t as brutal. Of course it is completely unacceptable, my apologies again for giving you the wrong impression.
(I don’t think I said anything about home-owning though?)


She’s a newcomer to France, sounds like she only got here end December, so maybe hasn’t quite grasped things yet. In general I think many of the SF members are here precisely because we don’t live in little Britain and this is our only contact with other English speakers!

And English humour…so many of our French friends don’t quite get our sarcasm and irony.


The unfortunate thing about the whole exchange is that - as @Marty2 immediately clarified - there was never any intention to imply that older people shouldn’t be protected - and I have to say I didn’t draw that inference from his comment anyway - I actually took the point to be not ‘a modest proposal’ of any kind, but a plea for understanding that 15-year-olds’ views on taking risks to protect older generations might be seen in the context of older people’s perceived reluctance to modify their lifestyles, or vote to ease the economic and climate/ecological precarity of the young. A point us older folks should take very seriously, I think.

You’re welcome Linda…I thought it was succinct and timely and really enjoyed the energy conveyed In the production…:slightly_smiling_face:

‘Inter Milan Chief Medic and Cardiologist confirmed that Christian Eriksen received the Pfizer vaccine 12 days ago. Danish soccer star collapses, heart stops during game’
PS it’s not a **** vaccine, it’s a ‘spike protein’ :sob: :roll_eyes: