The Black Pearl at rest - what's your view?

(stella wood) #1

A friend woke up the other day, to find this lovely ship at anchor below his terrace…

Sadly, nothing like that when I look out of my windows… :thinking:

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(Ann Coe) #2

Well at the moment my view from the window is of a dull day and my étang. No ships on it though :roll_eyes:

I love ‘tall ships’ and was lucky many years ago to see some on the Thames, wonderful sight ! :slight_smile:

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(Graham Lees) #3

Some years ago, we rented an Essex Thames barge for a corporate event during the Southend Air Show which we boarded from the end of Sarfend pier… Magical

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(Nellie Moss ) #4

Grey skies and houses! But it makes a change from beds and poorly people

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(David Martin) #5

Corporate event… I bet you took the train.


(stella wood) #6

Friends are renovating a Thames (or is it Essex) Barge… (red sails is all I’m sure of)

They are at Pin Mill and seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.


(Graham Lees) #7

We have a number of paintings/old photos of Pin Mill. Vanessa remembers it well from family holidays there where her parents rented an old houseboat (back in the 1960s) and used to go sailing.
The Butt and Oyster was (and still is) the pride of the river and her dad’s wishes were that his ashes be scattered there.
Wonderful peaceful place.

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