The blustering buffoon called to book

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It really is cringeworthy, love to know what they really think of the blustering twat.

simple - that he’s a blustering twat!


there there… cough it up, you’ll feel better later - this way to the bar Doris


"On Saturday in a “triple whammy” of meetings, beginning at 8am with Macron, Merkel and then European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and European council president Charles Michel, the Europeans’ fury at Johnson for going back on treaty deal became clear. Their annoyance is unlikely to have been lifted by the presence at all the meetings of Lord Frost, the UK’s chief Brexit negotiator, who was wearing union jack socks "

Guardian this AM.

On the charge of buffoonery, I rest my case.

should this now be called Blexshit on account of all the bluster?


The Tory lies continue as Raab ramps up the rhetoric.

Raab suggests it was ‘offensive’ for Macron to imply Northern Ireland not full part of UK

Q: Is it right that President Macron told the PM that Northern Irelandwas not part of the UK?

Raab says he will not “spill the beans” on what was said at a private meeting yesterday.

But he effectively confirms the reports, saying it is not just one person. He says senior EU figures have been talking about Northern Ireland as if is different from the rest of the UK. He goes on:

“We have serially seen senior EU figures talk about Northern Ireland as if it was some kind of different country to the UK. That is not only offensive, it has real world effects in the communities in Northern Ireland, creates great concern, creates great consternation. But also, could you imagine if we talked about Catalonia, the Flemish part of Belgium, one of the lander in Germany, northern Italy, Corsica in France as different countries? We need a bit of respect here, and also, frankly, an appreciation of the situation for all communities in Northern Ireland.

At their bilateral yesterday, in a conversation about the Northern Ireland protocol, Boris Johnson reportedly told Emmanuel Macron: “How would you like it if the French courts stopped you moving Toulouse sausages to Paris?” Macron reportedly replied that was “not a good comparison because Paris and Toulouse are part of the same country”.

This has been reported as Macron saying Northern Ireland was not part of the UK, although, according to the Sunday Times, “a source in the French delegation said that Macron was well aware that Northern Ireland was part of the United Kingdom”. Macron was making the point that the UK, which comprises four nations, is not the same as a unitary state like France, the source told the Sunday Times.

ah, that explains it very well… usual British press shit stirring - nearly spoiled my coffee

Unbelievable, isn’t it? Macron said country instead of land mass and the bastards are spinning it out of all proportion. As Manu said, these people aren’t serious. The tack they are taking only damages the UK Government’s international credibility more but probably plays well in the Shankill Road.

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The truth is that Raab’s view is the offensive one: it implies he doesn’t see Scotland, Wales, etc, as ‘countries’.

He isn’t awfully bright, Geof…

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Some in N.I. are rather confused. I had an eBay return to do to a seller based there. When I asked about a customs declaration I got this :-

*“A customs declaration is not required, we are based in Northern Ireland, UK”. *

My reply was " I am now confused. Your address, as per your earlier message, states ‘Co Antrim. United Kingdom’. The PO here saw that and insisted that a Custom Dec is neccessary.

My understanding is that N.I. is part of the U.K. and a great deal of trouble has resulted in maintaining that status in the face of opposition from various parties. Brexit negotiation wrangles involving the ‘border in the Irish Sea’ are also the result of the UK status of The 6 Counties.

I will label the package, ‘Co Antrim. N.Ireland.’ If La Poste say, “That’s in UK. Where’s the Customs Dec?” I shall whip out the one I did earlier and hope that serves."

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I think he’s just parroting the No.10 spin.

When the Good Friday agreement was signed many of the paramilitaries carved out new very lucrative careers in smuggling and laundering diesel. The authorities turned a blind eye because it was better that they were focused on greed rather then murder. There may be a new opportunity for them by creating a courrier company called Northern Ireland (EU) Ltd. based in a large warehouse just south of the border but with NI registered delivery vans.

none of the cabinet knuckle-draggers are, to be frank

perhaps they could do with one of these innovations