[The Bookworms Book] Chain Gang reminder

Since we’ve been by a few more Bookworms lately, I thought I’d remind everyone how it works.

Firstly, click here and listen to some lovely music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqW3zGeeIUU

Secondly, rummage through your bookshelves for books you've read, will not read again and would be happy to pass on. Books should be in a clean readable condition. Any sort of book is welcome: fiction, non-fiction, cookery books, children's books...

Post a review starting with: TBBC then author and title followed by a description, however brief eg "a really scary horror story". Just to be safe, please mention if the book has any content which might shock those of a more fragile disposition.

The first person to express an interest gets the book. You post the book - by letter rate if poss, cos it's cheaper than Colissimmo;

When the book has been read, the recipient should repeat the process or if they fall in love with the book and want to keep it, they should look for something else to pass on.

it would be lovely if we all passed on at least one book a year!