The booze wagons

New to some cities in Uk are the Booze Wagons.
City centre stop offs for those who have drunk too
much.Repairs and aids over indulgers who exhibit their
lack of restrant in public.
There should be a fee for the facilities from those who use

Here is the link to read an article about these drunk tanks …

but is there any mention of a fee…do not think so.
So these people may not take vital time and effort at
A and E but the facility will still will need funding and staffing.

Rather than a ‘drunk tank’ why not have a ‘dunk tank’.

Icy cold water might help revive these total idiots…


With the high cost of alcohol how on earth can these idiots afford ( and want ) to get drunk on a regular basis ?
If they can pay for the drink then they can pay for the cost of cleaning up and aftercare.
I rather like Grahams idea …


This seems like a much better solution…

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That is what I had in mind.

This would work for brexiteers too. A hermetically sealed ‘Dumb Tank’. Don’t let them out until either…
(a) they’ve done the maths
(b) the oxygen has run out…completely…


That will appeal to some…and yes I feel that they need their heads
tested, should do their sums and could go out and by a " nice pill"
Or buy some sense somewhere…although currently not for sale in UK.

What a thoroughly nasty thing to say - wishing 17.4 million people dead because they have a different point of view.

It’s not really a point of view more a lack of any vision.

Moot point, but the original post is still venemous

Asphyxia not in good taste, seriously speaking, but it wasn’t really serious, and I giggled a bit when I read it. Apologies.


well, yes, but there again…heaven forbid that anyone should exhibit human weakness. i like to think of it in this way - there, but for the grace of whatever we depend on, go we all. we all are products of our genetics and environment and some of us are dealt a bad hand.
shall I get my coat ?

Do we not get punished for crimes…big or small.
So wasting police and medical staff s time and recources
must be a crime.
There is no great harm in enjoying a few glasses of wine
or more if you wish to do this whilst taking responsability
for your actions.
The police and NHS have enough to do without taking care
of people who abuse their services selfishly.
What do you mean by “shall I get my coat?”


No need to get your coat :wink: I reckon @Graham_Lees’ light-hearted suggestion was aimed at the stupid folk who think it is funny/clever… to drink to excess…A short, sharp shock might help them to realise that their behaviour is unacceptable… :angry:

However, many folk do have a genuine problem… and I hope they can get all the help they need…

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Yes many people do have a genuine problem and most of these people
do their drinking at home, or at least not out on the streets late at night
aspiring to create battle.
Probably better to nip this in the bud by at this stage in life by making a
charge for repairs and renewals in advance of a difficult case af addiction…
which, in turn can lead to homelessness and misery.