The café that's cool for cats!

Vienna's cat café:

Don't worry Melissa, I'm always the last to get the joke!!

I need to quit trying to be least on the 'net. Nice to hear it wasn't raining this morning in your "neck of the woods." We had quite a shower.

It just reminded me of sitting on our terrace this morning and seeing a cat hair floating by!! I did cover my cuppa though!!

Lynn, I wasn't being sarcastic!

You get used to it Mellissa, and you realise that there are much more important things to worry about in the grand scale of things!

I LIKE cat hair in my coffee!

It does look like a great idea.

I've seen reports from Japan concerning the benefits of cat ownership (as if we didn't know!), highlighting the health benefits of a purring cat, how is de-stresses etc.

Thanks Wendy

That's amazing Wendy!