The Canadians have gone

They were so tall and we had to change one of the beds.

Oh and 8 people in the kitchen taking phoitos as the prepared ducks and

made pastry.

They loved their food and knew how to have fun; games, vineyard visits and scooting

all over the area. Happy that they enjoyed themselves so much.

Family gatherings in a big house is a good way to have a holiday.

Still looking for a dynamic journalist who wants to come here stay and eat with us...

AND MAYBE one or 2 other people in the area with stories to tell.

We will all pay for everything but we want a very positive story in a journal or mag

something like the Sun Times.

Anyone who can help please get in touch.

We all make weddings and foodie things happen around here...lots of people grow


Canadians are my favorite kind of people! :))