The Caps

Hi, I didn't know where to post this, so I am opening this mini blog.

We have just come back from the Hyper U permarket where we went to but some runner beans and bread. Plus a few Pet Shops toys for the 9 year old, she has a wad of Christmas cash, like they do.

We were walking past the cushions section, hung a right and there was a few guitars, or to be more precise, guitar sets.. Bear in mind that the kids had been well sorted for Christmas, even so, I fancied buying Maddie (13) an electric guitar. So, as always, there was a box already opened, so we delved in further, took out the guitar, I had a quick look and thought, no problem we'll have that. Finished the shop, paid and went home. The Guitar set cost 86 euros, less 30 euros 'loyalty points' bought it on the English Gold card exchange rate 1.20 ...quids in.

We have just finished setting it up.....astounding.

1 Guitar: finely engineered Stratocaster, maple necked clone with wang bar. Strung.

2 15 watt Amp: with boost and overdrive, plus headphone socket

3 Guitar stand

4 Strap

5 Jack to Jack lead

6 box of picks

7 electronic plug in in or indirect tuner

8 padded carrying case

9 spare strings

I own a '79 original Strat which is probably worth 3000e, this set we have just purchased ,is faultless.

Go and buy one today.

We are forming a band called The Caps, Cap D'Agde is where we live, we will wear 'Dylan/Beatles Caps, and a Cap is what Gangsters use to shoot people. Cool, huh?

Pics, and album to follow