The Cheerful Thread!

As it is still pouring down in most places and storms are forecast, I think we might all need cheering up today so let's share some happiness!

Let's all post something positive, some good news, a joke, something funny - whatever you like as long as it raises a smile.

Sheila started a thread like this a while back and it was really good fun - it also made us all count our blessings and stop moaning about the weather.

So here's mine - James has managed to fix our leaking roof without sliding off it and hurting his other foot!

Oh wonderful!!!! giv her a big hug!x

Today's good news came in the post - my daughter has passed her driving test! HOORAY!!! First go too, unlike me... so all the stress on Friday (The Day) was worth it after all!

Already offered that and only six months to go.

That is such good news fingers crossed for the next 9 months!!

Oh that is SO good!!!!!what a joy;

Wonderful news!

Our daughter's friend from college and her bridesmaid is at last pregnant. It was their last try at IVF!

I can do that, roughly 'bong di cong est' the 'a's become almost unintelligible. beware of words like 'todo' (all, everything, like 'toute'). because of Spanish I say 'todo' as it is written, but pronounced 'toodoo' and said verrrry quickly.

Nice area. I know Figueira da Foz (Feegerra da Fotge - roughly) pretty well and Coimbra, Lisboa very well plus driving between the two well enough, so at a guess with forest, around Marinha Grande, Leiria, Fátima, Nazaré way.

Yep, we found intermarché and Leclerc!! We will be about an hour and a half from Lisbon and an hour from Coimbra, in the forest!

I am getting"bom dia com esta"without to much trouble, but the accent is hard. Books and discs en route, I love words so I should get the basics, will I loose my english? french at home portugese out???????My head is exploding!!!

We ALWAYS have the urge for Portugal. Where is it though?

As for lingo, hohum. I must admit I worked away a lot that year but used Portugal as my home base, but at the end of the year I could just talk to the people who rented us their annexe. Simple conversation about the weather and so on and back then my Spanish was still almost fluent but got in the way. It's not the words but making the sounds that make words distinct that is worst, but give it a couple of years. The Portuguese are a wonderfully friendly and helpful people, make friends locally as quick as you can with them. Particularly try to use small shops where you get to know shopkeepers and regulars. Avoid Intermarché (yes, they are there all over) particularly.

Thanks Shirley!Just spent anhour on the phone to my mum, she is 92, she is so good, just listens to everything and then says"send me the adress and call me"!!!!!!so simple!!Jeez my head is full...................................!Would love you to come!

Oh Brian I a in such a panic! The house is great, I cant wait to be there, much to do on both sides, a new language to learn, a new life to learn, ..............when you feel the urge yoy must come and stay, we need to keep the old friends as well as make new!X

I am presently burying my head in a very good seems to be working well! Wea re off to the canaries next week for some R&R and as I am the queen of lists I have begun to write it all down.......I am so excited!all of our christmasses have come at once!

Annie I am a rich, vivid green with envy. We lived in Portugal, the Algarve actually, whilst OH did a year of field work there. One of our best friends in the world is Portuguese and she is forever saying we should move there. She wants us closer to her as well, her daughter is between our two's ages and is always asking to see them. We are here and OK but that itch remains. I love Portugal, have spent a lot of time there, too much to say. Lucky you. Good for both of you. Enjoy!

Great Annie! I think the hubby is sick of my adventurous spirit though :) I can imagine how you are in panic moden but try not to worry. LIfe is too short. Just bury your head in the blankets for a couple of days and then when you get your strength back resurface and make a plan of action. Just take baby steps - a couple of tasks a day. Don't overdo it because it will spoil the ecxitement. There is no rush is there? ...or is there?!

I am in panic mode at the mo!SOOOOooooo much to do, I just want to bury my head in the blankets and let it all happen round me...............!

There are loads of houses up for sale, they market has been very depressed, it is just begining to move again, jump now if you want another adventure!

Wow!! How exciting. I'm so jealous. I think I want to copy ;-)

Dont know if this is for the cheerful thread or for the panic button................ 2 weeks ago OH was fussing about on the computer, I was ironing, "come and see this" he says, he had rejeuvenated an idea we had 2 years ago to move to Portugal. He was house hunting by internet? I had said it is a bad idea, I looked, I ironed, "come and see this" he says I looked, I ironed, "Come and see this" he are driving me insane I say! I go and look , we have been up and down to POrtugal 2ce, in the camper, in the last 14' days, ie 8 days driving for 6 days there..............dont know if the dogs or I are the most flaked out. So we now own a house in Portugal!!!!!!YEAH§ It is beautiful. But needs work, here needs worktoo, how can we be in 2 places at once? How do we move 4 dogs and 5 cats 2000km? what do I do first? How fast can I learn portugese? are we completely mad? All answers on a postcard please!!

You should be on the stage Vic....

...there's one leaving in ten minutes !

"How many of you drive, handle and maneuver a vehicle now, exactly as taught when you were kids? "

Dunno! can't remember that far back:-)

Well done gall, rather you than me. I think I might have a few choice words & end up walking home!