The Christmas Fraudsters are out there, be careful

It appears that someone is trawling forum classifieds in order to relieve you of your money. I have a classified on another site and I have received this response. (xxx's are mine!)

"Thanks for your prompt Email. Am okay with the condition stated i
will offer €XXX for XXXX stated but I will be
paying by cheque Drawn from major bank in France , if that will be
okay by you get back to me . And I will wait upon the cheque
clearance from your bank before collection of the item from your

I will handle the collection of the item. I will be more than
happy if we can handle the transaction within a limited time . I will
make arrangement for payment delivery to you as soon as you are okay
with my mode of payment and also wait upon the clearance of the
cheque before i will handle the collection of the item .Do get
back to me if you are okay with my method of payment."

It came from "". No contact number or address.

It sounds dodgy so it probably is.

Be careful before you hand over goods to a courier, It seems like a revamp of the bank cheque fraud.

You've been warned!



Yes that is possible. I do accept cheques sometimes in Vide Greniers from local people and with sight of their ID which I take details of. Not had a problem so far- it seems to be the web sites that attract the malfaiteurs. They are such a pest.

I understand that the courier is usually some completely innocent third party courier company. If your gendarmes would like a scan of the cheque (Brit spelling!!!) I received please let me know. I can PM my my contact details. The cheque was reasonably well done but the paper was not 100% regularly trimmed.

Yep David,

I have the fake check too (even though I had been promised a transfer!), and the fraud services of my bank are investigating. The only way to catch them would be to pretend I have cashed it and make an appointment for the 'courrier' to pick it up so he can be apprehended. But I doubt the local police would volunteer to wait for him at my place!

I was also selling a painting- see my other post! Howvere my payment came from Edinburgh. Still have the cheque and envelope and can send you a scan if it would help you or your local police. There may well be similarities.

Also worth remembering that a cheque can clear through your bank and then bounce at a later date. We had this happen six months after the cheque was deposited. And they charged us sixty euro for the privilege!

I had one just the same from an Anglo Info ad. In fact a cheque did arrive (I still have it) posted in Edinburgh and for ten times the amount of the item. I reported it to the City Of London fraud people (as the cheque came from the UK) but they have informed me that there is insufficient information on which to prosecute. I have heard of the same on Bon Coin. I suppose that they must manage to con a few people like this otherwise it seems a pretty large waste of everybody's time. Iused to do expert witness work in the UK and sometimes the cases involved pensioners being conned by dodgy roofing companies in Yellow Pages. They always gave just a mobile number and no address, no company number etc. Large deposits were involved, the work was always overpriced and badly done. Such a shame.

Yes I have, and my bank is also investigating.
Best wishes,


Have you reported this to the fraud squad?


Nah, there’s programmes on tv that the police are highly active in catching these crimminals, but nothing seems to be done.

It’s still worth reporting them though.

The crims aren’t too savvy though, I had a similar enquiry about the same product 2 months later. I replied whether they were going to pay by dodgy cheque and arrange a courier to collect.... I haven’t heard from them since!

Kind regards

Thanks Rob,

Of course I never fell for it, and only made him go on so I could learn as much as I could and help catch him.

My question was, did you ever get any response from the authorities?


Hi Jacques

Do not send them anything, painting or cash. It is a fraud.

I’m surprised the banks take so long to acknowledge the con trick.

Eventually the cheque will bounce and no money will be credited to your account.

Please don’t fall for it.


Hi Robert,

Did you ever get a result on this investigation?

The same number (+447087623307) is being used by an African fraudster trying to extort €3,000 from me:

  • purports to be in London, called Donald Thieberger but writes and speaks in broken English,
  • had a €6,100 fake check sent to me from Spain directly to my bank in payment of a €3,100 painting, and asks me to refund the difference mistakenly added by his agent,
  • will have another agent pick the art!

I have notified the French police (I think he is in France anyway), and my bank is making an inquiry.



Was this written using Google translate? It's awful :)

This is round 2 of the fraud. The clues are in there. I've informed the UK and French Police.

Why pay to have a free ad removed?

Badly written standard letter

Not relevant to what I'm selling.

Phone numbers have been left in so you are aware.

I reside in Lewisham Uk and i deal locally here in UK on ladies
fashion outfit,art work ,wedding dress ,children Buggy and children
toys collections and diapers . I have already make bulk purchase both
online and individual purchase on site and I have already contact my
agent that will be doing all the collection of my other consignment
and goods i have already bought in Paris ,France but Am interested in
your Winter tyres and wheels for purchase

I can only instruct and direct payment to you via cheque drawn from
major bank in France and it will take 4 days clearance for the cheque
. I will wait upon cheque clearance before collection As regard
collection i will make my agent come over for collection i still have
some goods in France, Paris that will be pickup along with your Item
if we conclude on this transaction. If you are okay with my method of
payment do get back to me with your details

Below.,do e-mail me the following detail for the cheque to be made
out to you.


Hope to read from you soonest.
My Number +447087646168

NB:- I will wait for the cheque to clear before the collection of the
Winter tyres and wheels . I will compensate you with €40 for you to
remove the advert from the site. I will assume the Winter tyres and
wheels has been sold to me. Also I will appreciate it if you can
get the advert off the website, so you don't get contacted by another