The cost of résiliation

I have just ended a contract with Ozone for internet services after more than four years. My reason: there are much cheaper and faster services available compared to four years ago.
The cost of ending a contract in France is disgraceful. I have had to pay 60 euros just to leave, plus 60 euros to have the antenna taken off the roof and now to add insult to injury, Ozone is insisting I pay for the return of the 4 yr old equipment (€20 + ) which is probably obsolete. I have written to tell them that their treatment of loyal customers is lamentable, not that it will do any good, and that I will air my views on social media.
Any one else experienced similar and any advice on how to stop this happening again in the future? How can such companies demand such sums just to end a contract after such a long time? Grrrrrrrrr!

If this does not conform to the Contract you took out - then you certainly have grounds for complaint.

Can you find your original paperwork ??

We have just ended our Orange internet contract (after 10 plus years as a customer) in favour of a contract for a 4G router with Bouygues Review Home Internet - 4G Box from Bouygues Telecom and it will cost us 50€ (with an expected 49€ to be refunded against the equipment) so I know how you feel about it.
However, our new deal with Bouygues is cancel at any time without penalty so they are somewhat more up-to-date with current principles of trading with the public.
Added to that is up to 100€ remboursement-frais-resiliation which makes it a good deal. Further add to that a discount for the 1st year and this makes it a really good deal.
Orange seemed totally uninterested in our decision to end the contract. Problem is that they are now so big they suffer greatly from large company inertia and their employees couldn’t care a flying fuck whether you live or die!
I feel this is a good decision on our part. We will loose the ‘free’ calls to Europe on the VoIP line (there is no Bouygues equivalent) but hey, we have 2 good mobile contacts (also with Bouygues) so - face, bothered? We would probably have lost ‘free’ calls to UK anyway after Breshit…
It’s a shame in one respect. We had good service from Orange but when push came to shove, Orange’s intransigence at our proposed cancellation of the contract and their inability to match what we were being offered meant that the change was a no brainer.

Thanks. I will have a look for the original paperwork. But I think that there is little I can do about it. What annoys me more is the attitude of such big companies to their clients.

Graham, yes we have changed to a Bouygues 4 g box and the internet speed is 10 times faster than the Ozone WiFi max service. And it’s cheaper. And the reason we ended the Ozone contract. You are right that there is no penalty when we decide to end the contract for the Bouygues box. We have mobile contracts with Free and Bouygues and that covers nearly all our calls overseas.
When we ended a contract with Free for internet services a while back, we had to pay the resiliation cost but at least they had the grace to send us a Bon de retour to pay for the return of their equipment.

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I don’t have the paperwork to hand - but I think we have to send the “box” back if we leave our present supplier - so we kept the original packaging in the attics. It is important to be sure of all the small print. Trouble is, at the outset one doesn’t necessarily take much notice of what “they” will demand on résiliation … that is not going to be uppermost in one’s mind. :wink:

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We took back everything - and I mean everything! Even the manuals, cords the lot.
She gave us the cords back with a smile - “pas necessaire M/Dam” :wink: