The Crown new episodes

Whatever the critics may say, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole series upto date including the new four episodes which I binge watched on thursday. Its fiction with a few true details thrown in for good measure and I don’t understand anyone who believes it to be gospel truth, it isn’t as far as the public know, just a bit of entertainment based on the most famous family and at that time, the most famous woman in the world. Can’t wait for the final two episodes to complete it all, coming soon. I like the way the makers have managed to find actors who really resemble the originals and how they have tried to make it as real as possible with their characters.

Thankfully never seen an episode and never will :+1:, my wife on the other hand has and quite enjoyed the first couple of seasons then said it went really down hill after that, I suppose adding Diana’s ghost into the mix adds a bit of realism :roll_eyes:


You’re not joking, are you?

They really added Diana’s ghost? FFS.

Talking to Charles and giving the Queen advice seemingly.

And muted words when her death was announced at Balmoral. I thought the ghost scenes made it more entertaining, not as good as Patrick Swayze though!

But should something be done just purely for entertainment, it wasn’t an entertaining thing in the first place.

Unfortunately thats what the masses want to watch and the programme makers make money as do the streaming companies. People aren’t forced to watch if they don’t agree with it at the end of the day.

Prurient programme. Apparently the first episodes were good but I suspect that’s the novelty of hearing people speak as they used to plus nobody really remembering the reality. Ghastly.
Of course I’m basing this judgment entirely on hearsay and prejudice.

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It worries me a bit how many members of the public, present company exempt, take the fictional accounts they watch on film or television as historical fact. It is easier to remember screen accounts and very colourful and entertaining, but true facts it usually is not.

That said, I am currently enjoying an extremely colourful series, The Buccaneers. An Apple TV adaptation of Edith Wharton’s book but with a very twenty first century adaptation. Almost no historical accuracy, or indeed the caustic commentary of Ms Wharton’s original, but deliciously fabulous wardrobe and sets.

Well somebody should :joy:

The Crown is notorious for being the biggest loss leader on television, maybe ever in television history. It costs an absolute fortune to make and absolutely no one (figuratively speaking) watches it. It was commissioned by Netflix for no other reason than to be a highbrow quality show (in production if not in storylines lol) that can help them be seen as a serious content creator rather than a service that shows other people’s content and creates a few low rent things themselves. They spent hundreds of millions of dollars basically so people would say “Best XXX nominee… Nexflix’s The Crown” at The EMMYs, BAFTAs etc. Its fine for Netflix no one watches as it serves its purpose of improving their reputation and having them seen as a proper content studio., and is heavily talked about, just as we’re talking about it now, even if almost none of us are actually watching it.

That’s the same reason they (Netflix) bought the Egyptian theater on Hollywood Blvd. They screen Netflix made shows there so they can technically say they’ve had a cinema release which is required to enter films for The Oscars, Golden Globes etc. Spent millions on one of the most expensive cinemas on earth just so they can do a fudge to qualify for awards. It’s no wonder as a business it’s considered a bit of a house of cards built on sand…