The Daily Mail is not happy. Will we be made more welcome?

Just one more reason not to live in the disgusting UK.
This is Trump like and provocative.


Does anyone still read that toilet paper??

I can’t imagine how I’d feel reading a similar headline about Brits in France - makes my blood boil but then I suppose that’s what it’s meant to do!!

I suggest all EU migrants currently working in the UK down tools for a week - utter chaos!


Absolute disgrace and an embarrassment. This piece of filth does not talk in MY name.

Is this not borderline ‘incitement to racism’? I really think the powers-that-be should be taking a close look at the Editor of this sewer liner…



Yes Simon, unfortunately they do but not before using it as toilet paper and then wrapping their fish and chips up in it… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Puerile piece of < warning obscenity detected and removed>

Makes me ashamed to be Briitish, frankly.


I think the section on ‘incitement to racial hatred.…’ should cover it!


‘Lovely story’ on BBC R4, about a BLACK immigrant into the UK.
A devout Christian Lady, attended Her local church.
As She left, the priest spoke to Her. “Good to see you, but Don’t come back here”.
Not the first time I have heard that disgusting story! :unamused:

yes ive been around at church when folks have shown their real “christian side” Not all are like that but like anything a minority stands for the majority and folks wont see the goodness for the badness.

As a boy in Manchester in the 50’s/60’s I remember well a black couple visiting the church and being welcomed at the foor by the church wardens (husband and wife).
Wishing to be as invisible as possible, the chose to sit in the back row of the pews close to the door…
Church wardens come in from their door duries and exclaim that the black couple have taken THEIR seats and demand they move!
I think I lost all desire to live a life as a christian after that show and now totally agnostic…


Similar timescale…something that had a lasting effect on me… an elderly lady in a wheelchair, always smartly dressed … but oh, the smell that wafted from her as she was wheeled to her usual Sunday spot in the church.

Some kids would snigger quietly and we would all hold our noses as her entourage passed us…“she’s wet her drawers again” someone would mouth at the rest of us… :roll_eyes:

I was too young to feel anything but astonishment that an adult would smell like that… and was determined that I would never become that old and smelly.

Well, I am nearly “that old” and have been in a wheelchair from time to time… but hopefully… have NEVER… wafted such a smell around me… but, there is still time… :thinking:

There is Stella :thinking:
She couldn’t help it, poor soul :heart:

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Agree, an awful lot of hypocrisy, christian charity?

Pour soul… and we kids did not understand at the time… :neutral_face:

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Quite :expressionless:

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In my experience, it’s the clothes that smell of urine, not the person. And the olfactory bulbs of people who wear unwashed urine-stained items quickly become desensitised to the odour, so they’re unaware of it.

Older people are not always as fastidious about washing clothing, and of course some items like skirts or trousers are not washable, so get put away still damp with urine that has escaped while sitting, but dried in situ.

It’s a delicate issue to broach with elderly folk, and carers aren’t likely to raise it for fear of causing offence. And there’s always a question of cost: dry-cleaning isn-t cheap.

Sometimes it’s best to accept that older people are sometimes rather ‘interesting’ and make appropriate allowances ,and fewer facile judgements.

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Of course, as adults, that is what we do… we understand, we make allowances and we help out if we can…

but little youngsters who simply know a pong when they smell it… well, that is a different situation… we kids were not of an age to know better and it was not intentionally malicious.

I am ashamed, when I think back at the way we behaved, but that is with the knowledge I now have… hindsight can be such a curse…:thinking::roll_eyes::zipper_mouth_face:

I agree Stella, children in their innocence can’t be blamed, neither should they be chastised for giggling or holding their noses. But at an appropriate way and at the right time, an explanation can be offered. Children are very receptive and learn quickly about such things, their sense of ethical behaviour is much more sophisticated than we sometimes think. It is, I believe, an ancestral endowment. In Africa, children are almost always respected as vessels of ancestral wisdom, yet their childhood innocence is respected too, with affectionate indulgence. Children are almost never told to “Shut up!” in Africa.

What is this to do with the Daily Mail?
We have had some deviations but this takes the biscuit, or should it be the lack of adequate underwear ?

Sorry Jane… this has led on from Graham Lees’ memory of a disgraceful happening in church, which had stuck in his mind ever since his childhood…

I then mentioned a “church” childhood memory which had never left me either…