The Dark Web - Update

Seems there is an internet “parallel universe” that I had no idea of… very dark indeed :zipper_mouth_face::thinking::neutral_face:

It sounds very sinister, doesn’t it?

Sometimes it actually is sinister but the term just refers to content which can’t be reached by search engines.

It certainly sounds as if some baddies have been caught… by the good guys :relaxed:

the dark web is for the most part harmless.

There is a sinister side to it as well.

If it cannot be found though how do people find it…

Easy Harry,

sorry yes my question was as for the standard user. I know how to asked TOR and other places I just do not anymore. (used to as a younger person as interest was drawn.) mostly if full of random nothing stuff.

My question was it cannot be found through searches so how do people navigate the dark or deep web. nothing can be found through a search it claims.

Word of mouth, closed internet forums, text and various other messaging apps - all sorts of ways.

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Tor can be used to encrypt your messaging. Whilst we don’t use it it is a very attractive idea to keep things private in this age of snooping.

I always thought the ‘Dark Web’ meant you surfed the internet with the lights off.:grinning:


Amongst other things… the Dark Web is used for selling Drugs and Weapons

Tim Cole, a star-studded career beckons you as a stand-up comedian and leg-puller… for the over-70s…:joy:

Money laundering, human trafficking, terrorism etc etc

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… can younger folk laugh too… :zipper_mouth_face:

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“etc etc” … and unexpurgated, uncensored and inimitable Tim Cole, as you have failed to imagine him… :disappointed_relieved:

“… can younger folk laugh too?”

But of course! Such humour is timeless and - in the nicest possible way, Stella - deeply respectful in an old-fashioned way… :upside_down_face:

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Only just stopped laughing(but am I classed as young :thinking:) I hope so

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Age is merely a number… :thinking::wink::blush:

But a much bigger number for some, hey Stella.:wink:

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As I’ve already said, somewhere here… the kids in my local school reckon I am 100 …:thinking::joy::open_mouth:

I use Norton for internet security and they notified me today as follows…

“We detected personal information which may belong to you on the Dark Web.”

Apparently, this is historical dark web activity, arising from a Norton dark web sweep going back to 2008, involving 11 websites that I have used in the past in 2013, 2016, 2018, 2019 & 2021 - my usernames and passwords were exposed according to Norton.

But not to worry because I no longer use these compromised passwords which were shown to me by Norton.

I’ve used computers for 30 years and this is the first time I have received a notification like this.

Makes you think doesn’t it. Blimey!