The depths to which Ultra Brexiteers will sink

Not to mention the irony

He can bugger off back to Poland, can’t he.

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He’s pro Saudi Arabia so explains a lot. Strange though as he is bi sexual and Saudi isn’t very tolerant of same sex relationships.

I don’t expect he’d be so pro SA if he lived there. Also he is a pimp, according to wikipedia " It was reported in early November 2017 that Kawczynski had been reprimanded in front of witnesses by Eleanor Laing, the Conservative MP and deputy speaker, for asking a young researcher employed by Laing to go on a date with a rich businessman contact of his who was “older than her father”.[38] The incident in January 2013, according to Channel 4 News in November 2017, was preceded by an intermediary making the same approach several times."

Disgusting sleazy creep.


And yet people vote for him. The mind boggles!

I don’t think Alan B’Stard was far off the mark!

“This is extremely dangerous to our democracy…” repeat…”this is extremely dangerous to our democracy…”

Poland is not in the good books with the EU because of its attempts to subvert the independence of the judiciary.
I don’t think he will get very far.

I’d like to know what he means by formally? Does he mean that he wrote a letter, that he was authorised buy the government to do so, that he abused his position to try to influence another member of the EU or something else. I suppose he might have just been trying to sound more influential and important than he actually is.

I don’t see the connection to the post? Are you referring to people arguing that being against Brexit is dangerous to democracy?

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Not at all…I just found it amusing how a story goes viral…supposedly all independent news channels but all saying exactly the same…

(For the record I didn’t vote and haven’t done for many years but I do think a no deal brexit would be a disaster and am horrified that this bickering self serving and hostile nasty Tory government of austerity are wasting billions on no deal planning when so many families and children and the ill and disabled and the elderly and veterans are living in abject poverty…)


Liam Fox was on Breakfast this morning with what I am pretty sure is a barefaced lie.

He was still spouting the line that we can’t take no deal off the table or we will loose credibility; pretty certain the fact that with no deal off the table May would have no stick with which to beat parliament is closer to the truth.

However he also stated that Australia/NZ/Canada were “signed up” or almost so to a trade deal - implying that the deal itself was agreed. I am pretty certain that is not the case and all that has been agreed are the merest outlines and a commitment to do a trade deal. Certainly in the case of Australia and NZ it will need much wrangling at he WTO as to how to split out the UK quotas from the EU total.

Mendacious twat! :frowning_face:


He was pressed a bit more on R4’s Today and admitted that what has been signed in most cases is a “mutual recognition agreement” - pretty far from a trade deal.

He was pretty cagey about whether any trade deals have actually been struck - pressed, he claimed a small number of small deals had, in fact, been completed, for example with Israel and a few others (didn’t catch the full list, might search for a podcast this evening). In fact the BBC was reporting only a week ago that no deals were complete, much less the hundreds that would be needed to fully replicate the trading arrangements that we have access to as a member of the EU.

He’s still a mendacious twat.


Despite my being an ugly, herosexual, old fart I was approached twice on business trips to Saudi in the ninties. Once in a shopping mall during prayers! and once by a border policeman at Ryadh airport. I assumed it was a set up.

In an interview I heard the Aussie representative didn’t portray it as anything like a done deal. Though Fox was off lying about his achievements at Davos again today.

Late response (yet again) but absulutely Vero. Poland already has a really Hard Right Government, as has Hungary and also vehemently against the EU, so why the hell are we in the EU still funding these non-contributing Nations?

Also with a Europe-hating father like Farage allowed to let his off-spring get German Nationality? Defies logic, especially when his Foulness declaims ‘why should my children suffer?’ Okay for everyone else’s to suffer but not his!

What a heap of dung that creature is!


I know only one leaver personally and a handful by association and they are all mildly retarded and absolutely ignorant of anything to do with the EU. As for those we’ve all seen on TV, Brexit has, at long last, given them an excuse to emerge from the (rotten) woodwork. I have been hoping against hope that Parliament might have an attack of sound common sense and call a halt to the whole sorry business. Sadly, there appear to be no politicians with the guts to stand up and tell the world what a stitchup the entire sorry business actually is. “Will of the people” my arse.


The children that have a German passports have a German mother.

And a shedload of bad luck in having that ghastly begoitred monster-ego fraud as their father.