The end is nigh!

Today is the last Sunday of hunting season, with five days left for those who do not have to turn out for work this week. The woodlands appeared to have more red jackets than trees in some places. It was panic and chaos as the hunters went all out to fill their quota before it is all over until the autumn. Their cars, vans and 4x4s blocked roads, filled forest tracks solidly. There was so much hooch poured down throats that forest fires might have been caused by some of them breathing in the wrong place. But now it is more or less over. Well, except for wild boar culling and a few other reasons to keep going until next season.

No, nor here. Mind you plenty of baying yesterday - so the hounds were having fun even if nothing got shot!

I think everyone must have gone to the coast - not a pop here.

Not a bang near us.

I had some nice days out with the lads this season and we have some excellent venison in the freezer still. However, nothing beats last Sunday frenzy ;-)

Thank you Brian we had a great year this year lots to eat and drink, but i will say i had to jump in the ditch one or two time this year. the lads do get excited at the end.