The EU Is Giving Teens a Month of Free Train Travel Across Europe


It will be interesting to see how this pans out… :relaxed:

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I would love them to give it to retirees so I can go to Munich to see my daughter and her family without it costing an arm and a leg.

The idea is to give the youngsters a taste of freedom… to discover new places/countries… what a great idea… :grin:


Yes, I get that, but there are so few concessions for older folk as compared to UK .

My senior railcard give me great discounts on train travel.

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Yep that’s right David - SNCF / TER give great discounts to the over 60’s:

and…Air France offer great deals on domestic flights for the over 65’s:

Anyway - this post was about the young folk who are going to pay for us in our old age :-:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I didn’t know about the flights. That’s a useful link.

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I am sure it does, but it costs a lot when you only want to use it once.

I disagree. I bought the card at the same time as a return ticket to the other side of Paris and the savings virtually paid for it. I now have a year to benefit. I make that journey at least four times a year by car or motorcycle but having found the train to be much quicker, cheaper (than the car) and so relaxing I will be going that way a lot in the future.

That certainly does sound an interesting proposition… will have to investigate further… :slight_smile:

Or just use the DĂ©couverte Senior fares with 25% reduction (no card needed):

I want to go to Munich, so would the card be available for cross border travel?

I will try it to see. Would you start at Lyon?

Yes Jane, you do get a reduction between Lyon and Munich. Have a look at the site,

I think that the best train starts at Chalon sur Saone. It has only one change I think.

That is very kind of you.