The ever increasing reach of Social Media

If Goebbels, a master propagandist, had used Facebook, could Nazi World domination have been achieved without a shot being fired? And what’s the ungovernable and unaccountable Facebook’s impact on democracy. I don’t like much :flushed:

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Yes, I read this on my daily briefing.
Young people say Facebook is for the oldies now, but they use social media far too much without any seeming attempt to validate what is said.
I have been thinking that there should be a campaign on social media aimed at young people who are out and about partying sans masks showing young men going over the top in the First World War, fighting to save their countries from tyranny and pointing out that all we are now asking them to do is social distancing and wear a mask and wash their hands.

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And yet they all use what’s app / instagram which are still FB :roll_eyes: :thinking:.

I read that article too - so scary. My hubby has been talking about this for years with everyone thinking he is a bit mad but now the world is waking up.