The First Four Weeks

So four weeks of nappies, dirty washing & visits from grandparents have gone by, I have had no time for writing my blog or indeed checking my emails. I haven't been on facebook for weeks! I did manage to do some ebay shopping & added a few extra christmas goodies from to get delivery before Christmas to France from my favourite UK stores and managed to avoid any delays due to snow! My christmas tree was even bought online & delivered to my door!

Hubby had to go back to work in Dublin so I found myself alone in the evenings trying to settle two under 2 year olds to bed, what fun! I managed with the help of my visiting parents and was able to keep on top of the housework & getting ready in the morning) with my fantastic auxiliare de vie (home helper & registered childminder).

The first week of december was to be the first week I would be on my own, hubby set off to Dublin, we tried to start our new 'contented family' routine and then on the way to the post box I was taken ill...

Oh no - hope you are ok now? xx