The French Brexit Song - they want their language back

A bit of fun - desperately needed in this perfect storm of Brexit and the Covid pandemic.

The French Brexit Song

If the link doesn’t work let me know and I’ll correct it/find another way to link to it.

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High quality (up to 2160p) version


Was trying to keep the size/resolution down for those of us living out in the sticks with pathetic internet connections.


Folks have the option now :sunglasses:

The one I posted goes right down to low resolutions as well :smiley:

The baked beans were the veritable coup de grâce :cry:


I didn’t know Piers Morgan wore a wig. My prize for the best wig of 2020 goes to Michael Fabricant (I’d forgotten his name so I Googled “British MPs with wigs” and he came up first - what an honour).

Perhaps but it was too high def to be played on a mobile out here in the sticks.

HAHAHAHAHA awful man