The French do love us Brits after all

Today’s blog is dedicated to all you Brits living in France feeling unloved by your Gallic-shrug neighbours. I am here to tell you that we are loved afterall!! Our cross-channel cousins may have a funny way of showing it (what’s a little smirk over your cooking or fashion sense between close neighbours?) but deep down, they Love how we talk and they Love what we do and most of all, they love how us Brits like to help a good cause. It’s true and I’ve got the proof…

Should I feel guilty?

OK, so my boys - yes twins, 5 and a half and a tad exuberant (cute but diabolical) and I went to this great craft fair in Gagny this weekend (Mar 29/2010). We were supposed to have attended a church get together but I got the date wrong and ended up with twenty four lemon drizzle fairy cakes with sprinkles on back in my kitchen. Double whammy from ye of divine intervention (should I be feeling guilty?)

Auction this, ma petite !

While the kids were painting some strategically chosen gifts for French mothers’ day (when is that again??) on the Glass painting stall I found myself suddenly freed up so I figured I’d do a workshop myself: jewellry. Can’t get enough of that! Not being the dextrous type, I of course had to ask a lot of questions about which end up I should be threading my ‘fermeture’ and such like and comme c’est la vie, the lady running the workshop noticed my accent. Well, you can’t miss it really. A very uncontrived Jane Birkin, no matter how much I try and blend in with the crowd (but that’s another blog…!) So I end up explaining all about my life again, why I’m in France and the usual story… “My 'usband is Frrrench !” and naturally get on to Fundraising for the kiddies with cancer at ClicSargent (see here:

The point is, this lady, who doesn’t know me from Adam but likes my accent and thinks my kids are hilarious (by this time, the lady from the glass workshop has dropped them off with a (relieved) smile and some Beautiful packages for Mum (aww!!) so she Donates a necklace for the auction i will organise for May or June. How sweet is that? I shall also be giving the necklace I made to match her gift. What a star!

Helping UK kiddies - well done guys

This blog is also a thank you to my French friends that do not mind that their money is going to UK kiddies - as long as they can help kids, that’s all that counts. So thank you Martine, Nathalie and Janig - your contributions are So welcome. Thanks also to my Welsh friend Aled. If you were here I would so dress you up in a little costume, hang a Donate sign round your neck and exploit you for money - musn’t let Tourrette’s get the better of you, bach!

Thanks also to my super ‘deviant’ sis JazzyCat for getting my blog fixed up to my Virgin page. Check out my sister’s awesome Art page:

Talk soon, guys x

You are soooo wasted as a financial journalist - you should do comedy. J & I had a good cackle at that!

Ha ha. I always get stories on how ‘…when I was livin’ with an English family when i 'ave 15 years, in school exchange, Oh là là, we 'ad some ‘orreurs to eat. How you say? Jelly? It would move on my plate and I thought…Oh my go(sh), i ‘ave to eat zis !!! You English are sheet at cookin’, no ?! :D’

Great post! Quite cheered me up - I shall hold onto that thought next time someone sneers at my dress sense xx