The fun begins

We've just had a weekend from hell. Friday, Jasmine came down with a cold (probably the one my mum brought down when she came to see the new baby - sensibly she realised on Day 1 of her stay and didn't touch Maisy for 4 days but I think Jasmine caught it first). Nose streaming, refusing to eat (fairly normal for her) and a bit clingy. Saturday Izzy had a toddler tantrum an hour (I can't help laughing at her tantrums though, full on body on the floor and wailing), this is unusual for Izzy though as she's normally little Miss Sunshine and always happy so I knew something was occuring. Saturday 4pm - I got a headache...and sensed it wasn't Izzy's wailing. Saturday night Mr Fitz complained of a sore throat. Well at least Maisy was still ok....

Saturday night kids in bed, 10pm - Jasmine wailing so we put her in our bed & she promptly fell asleep spreadeagled across the bed. Great - now do we move her into her own bed & risk waking up Izzy (they share a room) or somehow manouvre her into the middle and we go on either side? We did the latter but as soon as I switched on the lamp to feed Maisy (which has been almost an hourly occurance since 2am on Saturday - yes I spoke too soon - my 2 week old baby has a bad cold too) Jasmine woke up, coughed a lot, chatted then cried and then fell asleep - again in an usually uncomfortable position for hubby & I.

By 1am hubby transitioned himself into the girls room for a peaceful nights sleep courtesy of some night nurse. I on the other hand played night nurse to Jasmine and Maisy all night long and managed half an hours sleep. At least I got to lie in bed until 10am on Sunday as hubby wisely recognised I would not be a happy or functioning wifey without any sleep whatsoever. Unfortunately I also developed Mastitis and spent the night with flu like symptoms (chills then burning hot) and headache which at first I thought was the cold but I couldn't work out why I had it so bad and everyone else was just a cough & runny nose.

Great - just what I need! So out comes the expressing machine and I will spend half an hour 3 x a day stuck in the corner of the sofa being moo'ed at by Jasmine & hubby. For those of you who have seen this apparatus you will understand what I mean by this!

So the weekend was a write off really, Sunday night came round and after I'd taken Ibruprofen I finally began to feel like I could function again and was looking forward to some recovery sleep. Unfortunately poor Maisy now has a barking cough and runny nose making it really difficult for her to feed & I end up sitting in bed for hours at night cuddling her back to sleep - I'm sure Gina Ford would not approve but when my 2 week old baby is poorly I want to make her better & Kangaroo hold it is, routines will have to follow when she's not sick.

Today, after 2 days expressing I'm pleased my headache has gone & I'm less lumpy, the elder 2 girls are less whingy & on the recovery. Hubby is still popping his Nurofen Cold & Flu (although he did have a shock when I told him the price in the UK is £5.88 when they are only 2euro in France - Nurofen Rhume) and I'm being propped up by Ibruprofen and hot Ribena.

We both sat watching Greys Anatomy last night and he said - well at least it's only a cold - can you imagine if we all had stomach bugs? Oh that will be September when we're back in France for La Rentree I told him. He scuttled off to work this morning without a word. I can hear him tapping away & extending his UK contract right now.

Oh you poor thing!We all got the flu bug in 2000 that killed loads of OAP's (I gave it to my granny :(( ) and I clearly remember holding kids over the side of the bed to throw up as I couldn't move.

And yes - the biggest bed you can buy is the way to go! xx

Hi sheila, we've already decided we're having super king size in the next house! You're right about bedding though, restrictive choice but definitely worth it!

You poor thing. What a nightmare! I remember the night when I "snapped", - four of us in the bed. And the fights. "Maaaaammmy, she kicked me". I marched off to the furniture place the next day and ordered the biggest bed they had in stock, nearly 6 foot. Great idea, then had a job finding a duvet to fit that bed, buy covers, etc. However, it was worth it. Every time someone small woke and came in for a cuddle, at least there was some space in the bed!