The future of the UK

An insightful opinion.


Mr. Super injunction can go **** himself with a rusty chainsaw.

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He does talk a lot sense, far too intelligent to be a politician.

Wow, 2 strange replies, far too busy to listen now, maybe later. :thinking:

I get the reasons for the dislike of Marr but he’s not wrong, the trouble is of course that whilst many people often have the solutions to a problem once politics gets involved it becomes much harder to follow through with the solutions.

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I be,ie e Andrew Marr is one of the best political commentators around. He can be heard weekdays on LBC.

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I like Andrew Marr reports but found this one a little too pessimistic. Hopefully, forewarned may help being forearmed.

Something that does worry me is the privatisation of formerly government funded public services to profit focussed private companies. Brexit’s end to open labour from Europe makes private agencies harvest labourers from further away. Inevitably, this will fuel exploitation of desperate people in poorer countries.

If people want pessimism they should read The Guardian as soon as they get up in the morning, it will be interesting to see if the tone changes once Labour are in power next year.


Only briefly until they continue with the crap already in place and possibly even worse. the UK has gone to the dogs and it aint coming back in the near or far future unless the UK population get a backbone and start standing up to the wet wipes in Governments. But that isnt going to happen this side of whenever.

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Can’t see it Tim, the country is in a heck of a state it seems and I can’t see any future govt having an easy ride. Maybe it’s a case of ‘the devil you know’ , similar to La France ?

LOL :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Pessimism is a mental attitude in which an undesirable outcome is anticipated from a given situation .

The Guardian is only reporting facts Tim. You can read the same facts in many organs across the political spectrum. It is up to the discerning reader to be pessimistic or optimistic based on those facts. Based on what I read in the UK press, I’d say good luck with the optimism Mate :joy:


My OH is pessimistic - having Polish blood hardly surprising - a nation waiting for invasion from Russia from the east or Germany from the west.

He is entirely happy, because he is never disappointed - unlike optimists! :grin:


I have an idea. Why not create a university style establishment whereby they only accept people who want a career in goverment. They have to obviously have been educated to a high standard (not necessarily public school) but enough to be intelligent. They then select a chosen subject that would benefit their future post and include studies outside that especially for matters to do with health, military etc. When recognised as qualified and certificated, these candidates are free to pursue a political career in only the areas that they are qualified for or educated on as an extra. They would not be allowed to have outside directorships of companies, only paid actual manual work to support themselves and families and can stand for local elections thus working their way upwards towards goverment. Sounds a bit like the current system but that seems to allow some very unsavoury and dimwitted idiots to get in. Just a thought but I have always thought politicians should be knowledgable about the depts they want to work in and not be able to be shuffled around willy nilly like that Han**ck example who had no idea and bojo who had no idea of anything at all except how to lie well.


That’s only part of it and even then good news is often flipped to ‘things would have been even better if…’ , much of the content is also journalistic opinion with a left leaning slant so once the Tories have gone the same journos will have a difficult choice - attacking Labour or dare I say it being less pessimistic.

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I think that may be in the eye of the reader Tim (ie you) :slightly_smiling_face:

However since I expound the theory that the BBC does on occasion follow a UK bad news item with a “things are worse elsewhere” item, I won’t totally discount the “good news begrudging” you accuse the Guardian of.

Just give a few examples we can debate, in fact maybe we should have thread for those (if you can find 'em) and the opposite from the Telegraph, Mail, Express and Sun. I’m sure we’d find some amusing ones.

Thats far too sensible

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I think this is the serious stuff… the present isn’t too nice, but the future is being undermined too.

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Methinks time for a bit of sense all round before its too late. The same could be said for the rest of the planet too! We are all passengers on this spinning ball and can’t get off so we need to make what we have even better.

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@tim17 Do you think Labour are left leaning?