The GMC has arrived! Now the work begins

You may remember that I bought myself a 1942 GMC 6x6 truck with a crane for Christmas. It was being sold by a military vehicle dealer in Holland as a non runner. The cost of transporting it from there to here was not cheap but by waiting I saved quite a bit. At last the transport company had a job taking them in that direction & the truck duly arrived 2 weeks ago!

In order to minimise traffic chaos we pulled it off the low loader & parked it on the grass verge outside my house with the intention of dragging it on to my property when the traffic was light but, ever the optimist, I thought that it might be worth seeing if we could get the old girl to run. This would make it much easier to move as well as answering that all important question - will it or won't it?

So the following day, Sunday, my trusty neighbour & friend, Simon, & I spent an hour fitting the new distributor cap, leads & a coil from one of my old Renault 4s, sorting out a few electrical wires & checking that the engine was free. Soon we were ready to try...

With the clutch free & a working handbrake the truck was bought in & parked outside my barn where a quick appraisal soon revealed a list of those little items needed which grow into a quite lengthy & expensive one though some items can be surprisingly cheap! The priority is to get the brakes working so that it can be easily driven, then things like a new exhaust, mirrors, wipers & lights will follow to get it ready for its first truck CT. Watch this space!

Very nice. I would love to fix up one of those.

Can we have some pictures please?

Thank you, Lauren, I will post more as things progress.

Congratulations on your new baby!...what a surprise and how exciting when the engine purred.