The Greatest Showman... what do you think?

Have any of you seen this… if so, what do you think of it… should I add the dvd to my library…???

I haven’t seen it yet but a UK friend of mine is hooked and has been to the cinema at least 10 times to see it. Others have said it is brilliant. It’s on my list!!

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Saw it at the cinema, english version, and i woukd say good and entertaining.
I woukd say they sung what seemed like the same song, slightly changed all the way through . But worth watching

Thanks for the input Barrie…

Where have you been hiding?? not seen you here for years… :relaxed::relaxed:

wife loved it, me i felt it was just like Barrie said seemed to be a hash of the same song (in french) local cinema does not do VO and none of my family care for it.

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Hi, i get reminders whats happened since your last visit in october 2010. And i read certain bits but never contributed,
I must have been bored this morning lol, but wanted to reply to a post about can you make money buying n selling houses, but im here.

Glad all is well with you Barrie.

Some folk arrive, then seem to disappear… We just hope that it is not due to ill-health or (heaven forbid) Death… but you never know… which is why I am always pleased to welcome folk “back”… :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

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