The impact of COVID on our local restaurants

How big is the town that the Marie serves? Or could this be a local PartyGate scandal :rofl: since France equally has had controls in social gatherings!

Thanks for that Jane.
You must have been on the D17, the Route Touristique which goes between Cluny and Charolles.
We are just below that and have the wonderful view.

“Ils se rincent au frais du contribuable”. :grin:

@JaneJones 1,700 souls all told.

Yes, lovely view during brief moments the freezing fog lifted! We had been to friends in Cluny, and on our way to stay in a gîte in Charolles - owned by a couple who are hugely expert in Clunisian churches, so we had a great time with them and visiting the churches. It was just soooo grey and miserable. I hope it isn’t often like that chez vous!

Hello everyone, based in north of Toulouse I’m a bit on the southern edge of your perimeter. Although we’re at Barbaste weekly via Agen. I could recommend Arôme in Agen (eaten there and thought really good) and further afield is Auberge des Bardigues (village of same name) - eaten there many times. Was my mum’s favourite restaurant (she was masterchef finalist once). If I recall they are considered close to Michelin or the chef is Michelin trained. A few ideas

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Alnwick is lovely…remember to drop into Barter Books for a coffee and browse around when you’re there.

I know it well Marty - or rather used to - saw it grow enormously while we lived around there (in Alnmouth from the early 90s for about 15 years, then briefly the other side of Alnwick until we moved here).

Love Alnmouth too…one of the most beautiful places in England…I can’t get over that view of the multi-coloured houses accross the river Aln from the south. I love going back there.

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Today we can see our wonderful view, but we have had a few fine snowflakes. The freezing low cloud was with us for nearly two weeks and made us feel very downhearted.
We do get mist from time to time. It comes from the left from the Saone and from the right from the Loire, but we can see it and yet stay in the sunshine as we are 420 metres.

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I have just looked up La Maison Verneuil and it turns up as Maison de Retraite!

Does anyone know if Le Saint Roch in Amiens is still going strong and (most importantly) under the same management ? I’m rather afraid they might have retired…

We’ve used the restaurant in the past (pre-covid) and hope to visit again later this year.

:rofl: certainly not that! All the customers were 25-30years younger than we are!

I am feeling optimistic for 2022 and restos.

Barring a super virulent strain of Covid, knocking on wood. We seem to have entered a stride that, while not as it was before, is better than the fear and hysteria of 2020.

I feel those adventurous types will once again venture forth into the culinary world and aim to serve their best!

Our house was the big stone house on the south-eastern end of the multi-coloured row Marty - between that row and the garden of the Red Lion pub. Our view looking south over the estuary was equally spectacular. I remember when I first told a friend I was moving to Alnmouth, he said: 'Ah - the prettiest village in England!"

I can’t think of any here that have closed recently, except one for ill health. One of our regular restaurants opened a shop in spare space at the rear of the large building and added a separate entrance for it. They invested money in this to provide some income during confinement. The village only had a bakery and the shop was very popular and so made money for the owners. Many restaurants here also started doing takeaway meals, which was something of a shock for them at first. They still don’t really get how to do it properly, but it works.

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