The importance of transparency in the online world

(Craig McGinty) #1

I MUST admit that the Survive France Network is not the first network of its type that I have been a member of.

I have taken part in others related to journalism and social media, but I've learnt most from my experience of helping with the setting up of a network aimed at landscape gardeners in the UK, called the Landscape Juice Network (LJN).

The site was created by Phil Voice, who lives near Monflanquin, and now has more than 800 members.

One of the key elements we pressed home from the start was that the network was a way for people to be found on the internet, enabling new connections and possibly new business, this thread on the LJN may help show how members have benefited.

Much of this success has come about because of simple steps such as asking people to use their full names, and not forum-style pseudonyms such as 'whitecat412', as well as feature a photograph of themselves.

This has led to a sense of collectivity and support, because people know that what they write and add to the site has their name alongside it, ensuring helpful and useful advice is passed on.

Some time ago I put together an explanation of the importance of transparency for Phil's main blog, and whilst it was aimed at trade associations, I am sure you can see how it relates to the Survive France Network and its future success.

A transparent trade association

"Today powerful digital printing presses are available to everyone meaning information is now only a mouse click away, this enables groups to work together on providing useful advice that helps potential customers find individual members, or reduces the chances of making poor purchasing decisions by sharing tips and opens up people to new thoughts and ideas on helping their business."

As always any questions, thoughts or comments are welcome.