The Internet: A Warning From History

Me too! We've been hatching this bit of mischief for long enough now. Give me a shout when you get back. xxx

Stay well Shirley. Looking forward to our get-together when you get back. We can compare notes on burst brain aneurysms, and remember - things will get better - I'm living proof of that! Talk soon. xxx

Shirley....didnt know the story...but glad to hear you are alive and well and recuperating in the UK....we all need to do what keeps us sane....and for me too thats the internet....especially in those quiet early hours of the morning when sleep is eluding....

Glad to hear you are alive and well and doing okay Shirley xx

you are missing nothing Sheila......celebrity for the sake of celebrity...famous for being famous....I dont know who they are, they just sort of 'are'. Valerie...Ive had a computer since the first ones came on the neighbour worked for IBM in the 60s and I have an affinity with em! and yes...addicted...but I guess its better than booze or chemical drugs.....well....almost!

Ok, ok, who are these people? The only Kardashians I know of were on Star Trek!

Aha! You didn't last long, Norwell!! Tee hee. Mind you, I'm still here too. I confess I actually used to enjoy watching the Kardashians. What a bunch of plonkers. That video is so not far from the truth though - considering I spend half my life actually working on the computer, you'd think I'd then relish the opportunity to get away from it and go and "live" but I still keep coming back...

haha....too addicted...can see you dont know who Kim is Sheila....its spelt Kardashian....guess who reads the crappy Mail on line.....but only sometimes!

"you wont be hearing from me for some time!!!" .... liar liar pant on fire!! ADDICTED (oops! me too!)

I have to confess I still don't know who Kim Cardashon is! Right, back to work for moi. it proved its point then!

You've had me watching this for THREE MINUTES!!!!

I know Carol - I heard the bit about "I lost 11 years off my life looking at pictures of cats" and thought ooops.

Oh God...busted!!!! thank you so much for this.....I am taking the wont be hearing from me for some time!!!