The Lance Armstrong scandal

Paul Kimmage has his say in The Guardian:


Too right. I'd think about banning him as a spectator even given what comes out there...

Thanks for the article from the Indo -- I agree with you that there should be no way back into competitive sport for him.

He should be a good few million worse off once the US justice system and that insurance company are finished with him, and hopefully have done some jail time too, for perjury. "Yellow-collar" crime?

Maybe he should be seen as a victim of mental illness (joke)?

I don't know much about psychiatry, except what flies around on TV, but it is certainly a different and original take on the story by L'Equipe, which is often the case, especially now they have their new-ish "Grand Format" (I think they're called) pages.

Oh no, undoubtedly this means Robert Hare. His scale is used for bullying as well and where those of us studying childhood have had to use his scale. It makes a lot of people in public life psychopaths because of the way they use 'authority' as an expression of power. It also includes just about every driven sports person, rock musician, actor or other public person who wishes to succeed and be the best, make a lot of money and be able to shout about it. Either Armstrong is just like that or there are a lot of psychopaths. Bottom line is, he cheated by using performance enhancing drugs, did it better than others and was caught. I am never convinced by psychiatry at the best of times, but this... large pinch of salt and let Armstrong make himself all the more foolish with his Oprah Winfrey confessions and whatever else he has in store for us, most of which is earning him a pot of money!