The latest shocking thing I have learned about the USA

An English friend living in Boston has posted on Facebook an interview with a rape victim who became pregnant.
Apparently there are 29 States in the USA who allow paternal rights to the child they created by process of rape.
I am horrified and it appears that there is nothing that America finds abhorrent?
Francois Fillon is against abortion and women will lose the gains they have made if these men are not stopped.

Jane the ways of America sound like something from the dark ages.
The world unfolds more and more of her man mad suprises with
each day.

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If you can bear more shocks from the USA just watch this video of a lecture given by Ted Gundeson, retired head of the FBI who was murdered shortly afterwards by the CIA:

This might be helpful:

Making it extremely difficult for a woman to have control over own body is bad enough, but when she chooses to go ahead with a pregnancy as a result of rape and the rapist is then granted rights over her child is beyond belief.
I cannot comprehend how anyone would even contemplate such an action, never mind enact it.