The Latin filter syndrome

Mark Sampson today, David Rosemont a couple of weeks ago and me a couple of months ago used a Latin word that was censored to c**. If I had written c** out in full it would have had the ** I am doing myself automatically. We were all using Latin and not contemporary slang for 'ejaculation' and so we can only assume that the automatic censor is monolingual. If I write 'come' or 'kumm' then it will remain in, but use cee-you-emm and it is gone.

Is this right? Should we petition the lord high censor for unbridled Latin? What is the solution, please help the poor, innocent Latin users.

We will all review Catharine's vocabulary later.

Let me know if you come across any others that need removing :)

The word was included in the profanity filter automatically, I've removed it.


Bit of a problem for Chorlton c** Hardy then.

I suspect you can, but at high risk of a Catharine doing over and I have had a few. To be avoided, she has 'teeth'!

No johnny, in the post itself it will always come out censored. Latest news on the SFN home page and Facebook will be uncensored. What have they got against Latin and beeches (cheated, nja-nja!) and why do they appear or not depending on where? The plot thickens...