The need for cleaners!

(Jackie Mudd 2) #1

Where are they all - I am looking for cleaners in the lot et garrone area. If anyone knows anyone please get them to get in touch. Usually Saturdays for approx 4 hours.


(Jackie Mudd 2) #2

Brian either email or 05 53 47 13 94 thank you so much

(Karina Driscoll) #3

Yes Catharine, I think that would be a good idea…

(brian watling) #4

Hi Jackie, One of my friends does a lot of cleaning in your area, how can she contact you as she is not on the Web? Brian

(Catharine Higginson) #5

Should we have a jobs / opportunities section in the Small Ads? Let me know if it would be helpful and I will get it sorted?
C x

(Sandra Hanks) #6

Hi Jackie, good to talk to you today. I am also looking for cleaners in the Lot et Garonne. I am turning work away. I get enquiries all the time for cleaners in the Dordogne area which we do not cover. Anyone in that area, please contact me and I can give you contact details.

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