The new prince's name

I know there will be a lot that don't care anyway but who's with in thinking the the new prince's first name of George is a bit stuffy - I would have thought that these young people would have chosen something a bit different from the prince's/king's names which have gone before - I'm not talking about the more modern names of Brad, Wayne or the like (not meaning to offend anyone called by these names). Any thoughts from you or am I wrong.

Ah the Champion of Lost Causes. Nice one.

Leaking Seaman Stains got something right. Georgie Porgie Pudden 'n' Pie will naturally stand down and become citizen Windsor.

Tradition, tradition, tradition.

It is what monarchy is based on.

Well chosen. Tradition, respect and suitability for a future King all considered.
I do hope the worlds media now “stand down” and leave them alone.

I’m sure the republicans will be pleased. Now we have a George future babies can follow the pattern with Zippy, Bungle and Jeffrey. Up the Republic Honk Honk!

Nostalgia. Georgian age is gone folk, never to be recalled.

I agree Doreen, stuffy. Best they could do, shows how much imagination they (don't) have.