The odd one out ;-)

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Probably the only Dutch here, so that’s why the odd one out. I’m Franca and living since March 2007 in the Charente (so spot on 3 years as I write this) full-time with our daughter Fleur (7) and part-time with my British husband Darren. Darren still works, as an IT consultant/Project Manager for our own small company, in the UK, meaning he comes in the weekend. Hopefully within 2 years he will be able to join us full-time.
We have been looking for 2 years in the Charente to find our house, to turn into a B&B; having my own hotel has been always a dream and now reality! Our house was large, with 7 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and in 3 years time it has 4 tripple en-suite guest rooms and 1 family suite of course with own bathroom facilities as well. We have a fantastic builder, French, and Darren is a very good diy-er.

I fill the days with guests, cooking for guests, all other things to run a B&B, blogging, twittering, face-book…No doubt we come across on other sites as well.

The village where we live is very friendly and we feel very much at home and accepted. Of course speaking the language already is a big bonus. Our daughter goes to the excellent village school and is 3-langual.

To give you a better idea, our website is:

Thanks for reading!


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Thanks Catharine and Kathryn!

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Hi Franca

Nice to see you here :slight_smile:

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Hi Franca
There are def some other Dutchies around on the network - introduce yourselves!!
Your home looks lovely.

C x