The Old Normal

I stepped outside this morning and counted six contrails.
My stepson has been offered a job at the airport.
The BBC is interviewing people in Spain who are expecting an imminent return of tourist crowds.
Is this good?

People are just going back to what they knew.
A lot fewer people wearing masks.
Little or no “social distancing”.
Less talk of “the new normal”.
It’s almost like the “all clear” has sounded

OH mentioned the same sort of thing… only I fear there were more than six the other day… :frowning:

so long as folk/businesses have followed all the precautions everything should be ok… it’s when you get some fool who refuses, that the rot can set in…

much like the many… who do the absolute minimum to maintain their vehicles, yet expect them to always be OK…
(which they are until they’re not… and then something which could easily have been spotted and sorted, ends up causing a failure/accident… often with disastrous results…)

Not always disastrous, but sometimes highly inconvenient for the owner. The difference with Covid-19 is that it affects everyone else as well.

I’m talking about road accidents which often involve other innocent road users…

and, yes, covid does not discriminate… and the implications are mindboggling…

I think we’re on the same wavelength… :wink: :wink:

The Controle Technique is partly to blame. Some people tend to assume that the sticker in the window is a guarantee of 30 thousand kilometres or more of trouble free motoring. A lot can happen in two years!

absolutely so, Mike… and the Law is quite clear… it’s the owner’s obligation to ensure roadworthiness at all times… not able to use the CT as a " get out of jail free " card… :frowning: :roll_eyes:

You seem to be very concerned about vehicle maintenance. Does any particular event account for that, or is it just a mature sense of social responsibility?

Over the years, yes, I’ve had experience of some nasty accidents and the injuries that can be inflicted on the innocent… by folk who were too pigheaded to get work done when it should have been… or to have “whatever” done “on the cheap”… huh.

It might well be my age… but I find myself getting short-tempered with such fools. A vehicle can become a lethal weapon in the wrong hands…