The ongoing saga

The ongoing saga of the car. I was told to send a letter to the finance company saying why I disagreed with their decision not to clear the credit owing on the car. I did that and they said they would phone me after receiving the letter in 10 days. I have received a letter from the Judiciaire saying payments would be taken from my bank as of today which includes the extra for life insurance and an argus (which is for an accident when the car is written off and you get a new car). I emailed the Notaire with the information but she said she could not help me as it would beach confidentiality. I just don’t know where to turn to for advise.

Hi Margaret, I suggest you go to the mairie. There’s the English-speaking lady at reception there. Either she can advise you or put you in touch with their equivalent of Social Services, there’s usually somebody who is available to give advice. I can’t offer you any advice, this isn’t anything I’m experienced with, but the receptionist at the mairie should be able to point you in the right direction to get consumer advice. Good luck xx

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I have already seen Social Services and a Judiciare who told me when I received another letter from the credit company to phone her for an appointment but she is unavailable at the moment I do no know why.
I just cannot understand why they are insisting on taking payment for life insurance whe he is dead.

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Hi Margaret

Did you send a copy of the Death Certificate to the people who are trying to take money… ie Finance company… Insurance company… anyone else… ???

Hi Stella indeed I did to everyone that needed to know, the finance company are saying they will not pay out because Gordon had an embolism nearly 4 years ago and therefore it is an on going illness which is rubbish.

Well, if the Insurance company know he is dead… like you, I cannot understand why they are trying to take money for his policy…

Speak with your Bank… you should be able to get the Insurance payment refused IMO…presumably the Bank know of the Death … ?? Have you chatted with the Bank… ??

Yes everyone knows but I do not think that it would be possible for them to take less than is demanded because it is a signed standing order.
Surely someone knows of someone that I could talk to about this.

Margaret… Sandy has already suggested that you ask the Mairie… and I concur… because something is definitely adrift…

My Secretaire has cut through such c**p in the past, when Brits have got themselves in a fix… and I hope your Mairie has someone who can do likewise.

Thanks Stella I really hope they can help me but it has to be in English as my French is rubbish I am ashamed to say.

No need to worry about your language skills… everything goes out of the window when we are in distress… Sandy reckons there is someone who does speak English at Reception… try her…and see how you get on. It might help if you prepare a few phrases in French (to explain) and write them down for her… :thinking: Take the Death Cert and the Loan/Insurance stuff… :thinking:

Yes there is a lady in the mornings who speaks perfect English Sandy and I have already visited her. I will take all the paperwork with me.

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Margaret, if you get stuck and it’s a French person I’m happy to come over but I am away next week so it would have to be after that. The English-speaking receptionist seemed very sympathetic … in your shoes I’d ask for her and ask her to follow this through.

Apparently I will receive a phone call from an English speaking person from the Insurance Company within 3 days. I would still imagine that they will refuse to cover the debt. I cannot sell the car without paying off the debt.

What is the total amount of the debt (of course, don’t say if you don’t want to). But gives us an idea of the magnitude of it.

The loan was for 6000 euros.

ok that’s a fair amount. And the monthly amounts? Have they split out the life insurance and the argus or is it all lumped in?

Generally insurance has a policy date and an effective date, i.e. the date that the insurance company’s obligations are binding. Often they are the same but sometimes they are different. Under English law (not sure about French) the effective date should be specified and more often than not is after the date of the first premium payment. However I think you said that your husband died before the first instalment was paid … correct me if I’m wrong … in which case they might invoke this. However, to then be charged for life insurance after his death is rather bizarre.

This is why I think the mayor’s office will be the ones to deal with it on your behalf. I really hope they can sort it out for you.

Is it possible for a purchaser to make a payment to the loan company for the outstanding amount and the balance to you (based upon the car being worth more than the loan).

I think this is fairly normal.

No they are one lump sum.

No it says in the small print that the car cannot be sold with credit on it.

I/we did not hear anything from the Company until after Gordon’s death stating that the first payment was due to be paid on 31st August that was after I had sent his death certificate, they did not take out that payment.