The pitter patter of unknown feet

What on earth is it that jumps down into my grenier in the early hours of the morning and does a clog dance for about half an hour and then skitters off out again leaving me lying awake wondering whether or not it is going to come back or worse still dance its way into the house.

I am used to the mice scritch scritch scratching in the walls and popping in occasionally to share my croissants and chocolate – I live in the countryside surrounded by farms so expect nothing less but unless these mice are in the super heavyweight category I don’t think they are to blame.

Could it be rats? When friends came to stay the other week the men were dispatched up into the grenier to investigate (this sort of thing is definitely a man job) and reported that there were no signs of droppings or anything else that would indicate vermin having taken up residence.

So anybody got any suggestions as to what it could be? Is there any sort of cheap cctv that I could rig up and that would work in the dark so that I can find out what is spooking me out? Or should I just set a trap?

The house is a longere type with attached stables whose roof line is at a slightly lower level than the main house possibly allowing things to climb up to the grenier with relative ease. Anyhow I would just like to know who my night time guests are.

It will be a loir. It sounds like its picking up dropping and rolling a cricket ball around I bet its a loir. We have them and they are impossible to get rid of, I have tried everything, the French say yoou need to live with them but they are chewers and can get into your walls etc.

Could it a stone martin? Check out this article...

Good luck

Stone Marten perhaps?