The Planets - TV series on BBC; did anyone see this and what did you think?


First I guess I should apologize, as I should be watching more French TV these days.

Just curious what others thought of a TV series on the planets, narrated/hosted by Brian Cox (

I understand that some folks might not like the narrator/host.

I thought the series was thought-provoking, with stunning visuals. It had some updated research (at least, updated from what I’d known) to offer about the solar system/universe/galaxies.

Anyone else feel like weighing in, perhaps?


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New one on me Mary - but we don’t have any TV. If it comes on dvd we might well get the series for some winter-watching (by the fire, with a glass of something soothing) :grinning::grinning:

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I thought it was terrific. Don’t have any problems with B Cox as presenter - think he’s very good (except for the rather simplistic use of items to illustrate size and distances of planets - but all presenters seem to do this nowadays). The visuals were superb, and I did learn a lot, and also had my memory refreshed about The Planets. Also wonderful to hear Holst’s music as well. Thoroughly enjoyed.

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Stella with a name like that you should borrow a TV and watch :grin:. With proper science it’s proving what you believe. The solar system is not flat, it’s a vortex, loosely translated it means sooner or later we’ll all go down the plug hole! Where we end up then is the interesting bit :alien:

Ha ha… if it is really that good, we shall put it on our list of dvd’s to get before the snows set in… :upside_down_face:

Don’t know why you feel the need to apologise for watching UK TV programme.

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Especially after you have seen a few French TV channels :joy:

Ha ha… France takes on most/many of the best of UK TV stuff :upside_down_face::rofl: (well, stuff that I like - Midsomer Murders etc)

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Also French telly :tv: is a great way to learn the language.
Watch in version originale (VO- english) but add subtitles in French and you will recognise the same words and phrases repeated time and time again.
Also as Stella says French TV will have popular UK programmes picked up on various French channels as well as the top hit American TV series that would be payable on SKY for example, but free here in France. Just change the settings to Version Originale on your TV. It is that simple.