The power of typography

Type and the message

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Re the crumbling-stone image representing the EU.

Europe has looked as battered as this before, and much, much worse. The small town I live in (Normandy) was razed to the ground during WW2but has been rebuilt and is more beautiful and resilient than ever. Its people have learned the lessons of global conflict and its effects on the motherland and more widely. Americans have lost sons and fathers too, but were otherwise spared Blitzkrieg and Vernichtung. Any crumbling around them is self-inflicted, if one discounts the one-off attack on 9/11.

I value post-war European solidarity and friendship, which is why I deeply regret the decision to quit the European Union, despite its flaws

I was born before the outbreak of WW2 and its horrors and deprivation are built into the fabric of my being and my conscious mind, although I was quite small at the time.

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I thought that was what American typeface would look like if magnified. Just second rate manufacturing.

This is how the New York Times views the EU. The politicians of the EU would have a nice, shiny logo.
Definately the time to rebuild the EU to reflect it’s citizens wished which would have been better if the UK had stayed in. There are two factors in this - businesses what a seamless transfer that won’t cost them any money and the politicians want the UK to be punished for having the audacity for voting to leave their amazing edifice. Who will win?