The Queen tests positive for Covid- update

Andrews been visiting every day.

And she’s using Covid as an excuse to isolate :joy:


How on earth would she have caught it?

I saw a tv clip of her with some of her staff recently and none of them were wearing a mask which I thought was odd.


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My friend has it for the 2nd time and before he tested positive has given it to 5 others. I asked him if he had stopped off for tea.

I seem to remember you were keen to get a dose of the virus, give him a shout as a friend in need is a friend in deed. :grin:

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I would and was considering doing just that but he’s 120 miles away and tested negative this morning, missed my chance again.

From another forum…

The Queen last week:

One of her sons has paid £12m to stop a sexual abuse trial from happening, another son is about to be investigated in a cash for honours scandal.

At least she ended the week on a positive.


Clearly you know more than the media over the size of the settlement and that the money has been handed over. As for the ‘cash for honours’ investigation is it Charles himself being looked at or one of his charities?

Perhaps I needed to add a wink smily?

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There you go :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::grin:

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Well I am trying, went to the theatre in London tonight to see Tina the musical, only about 5 in the audience wearing masks and I wasnt one of them so trying before I miss my chance.

These last ones seem to be allusive buggers, though apparently prolific amongst those triple jabbed. I’ve been one of the lucky, having tested positive for the last variants, though asymptotic. Only had one jab and can’t see having another until pharma, have a vaccine to combat any new and only deadly strains & can prove it’s safe.


Looks like they’ve got the face mapping software sorted then :slight_smile:

5th day of not wearing a mask anywhere including trains and busses still no omicron yet.

You missed the peak. There’s also a fair chance that having multiple vaccinations you may not develop a clinically significant disease from infection.

I know, it just wasnt a convenient time to catch it before, wife hospital appointments and me job interviews.

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